Three ministries jointly issued a catalogue of energy efficiency labeling products

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Certification and Accreditation Administration jointly issued the "Product Catalogue of the People's Republic of China for the Implementation of Energy Efficiency Labeling (Third Batch)" and the implementation details of the implementation of energy efficiency labeling for related products. Five types of products, such as self-ballasted fluorescent lamps (commonly known as energy-saving lamps), high-pressure sodium lamps, small and medium-sized three-phase asynchronous motors, chillers, and gas water heaters, must be labeled with energy efficiency since June 1, 2008. Related products below the energy efficiency level 5 (or level 3) are not allowed to be produced, sold or imported in China.

In recent years, as the impact of global warming on the environment has become increasingly apparent, governments have formed a high degree of unity in understanding the need for energy conservation and emission reduction and have taken effective measures. The European Union, Australia, Canada, Japan, the United States and other countries and regions have developed a phased replacement of traditional incandescent lamps with energy-saving lamps to reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Cuba has become the first successful elimination. The country of incandescent lamps.

At the same time, for the current stage of energy-saving lamps and the wide application in the future, countries have formulated energy consumption requirements for energy-saving lamp products in order to achieve effective energy-saving and emission reduction targets. For example, the United States, Canada, the European Union, Australia, Thailand, etc. clearly stipulate the energy efficiency standards and labeling requirements of lighting products to promote green lighting. The release of the implementation rules indicates that China's energy consumption control for energy-saving lamp products will be enforced.

According to the statistics of the inspection and quarantine department, in 2006, the output of energy-saving lamps in China reached 2.4 billion, of which 80% were sold abroad. In 2007, only 151 million energy-saving lamps were produced in Ningbo, and a considerable part of them have a certain distance from strict energy efficiency standards. Here, industry insiders suggest that China's energy-saving lamps enterprises should actively focus on domestic and international energy-saving lamps energy consumption standards and marking requirements, while adjusting the industrial layout, relying on independent innovation, so that truly high-efficiency energy-saving lamps light up the world.

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