Jilin CPPCC members suggested that schools replace and adjust lighting

“The research of Peking University Adolescent Health Research Center proves that 60% of myopia in primary and middle school students in China is caused by poor lighting quality and lack of eye hygiene.” At the first meeting of the 10th CPPCC Committee of the CPPCC, Wang Yuan, member of the Jilin Provincial Political Consultative Conference, suggested that primary and secondary schools should replace and adjust lighting to protect students' eyesight.

Wang Yuan said that the Jilin Province Lighting Association recently conducted preliminary investigations on the current situation of lighting in some cities, counties and districts in the province with the cooperation of some city and county education bureaus. The overall situation is: most primary and secondary schools in Jilin Province have classroom lighting. Most of the schools in the city and county have blackboard lights. The lamps are more reasonable, the lights are off, and the management is fine. However, the problem is that the lighting design standards are low and the illumination is far. Not up to standard, some lighting layout is not scientific enough, the lamp power density is low and the strobe is serious.

To this end, in the promotion of students' vision health and energy conservation and environmental protection, Wang Yuan suggested that schools using ordinary halogen powder fluorescent lamps should be replaced with high-efficiency trichromatic high-frequency 36WT8 fluorescent lamps; schools using incandescent lamps should be replaced with compact energy-saving lamps; Schools that are unreasonable, have insufficient lighting, and have no blackboard lights should adjust the condition of the lamps before adding the light source, add new lamps, and add straight fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts or energy-saving magnetic ballasts.

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