Use energy-saving and environmentally friendly lights to make the living environment more green

"One person, one lamp, one lamp" is due to the long service life of LED lighting lamps, and people have given it a reputation.

"If half of China's lighting uses semiconductor lighting, it is equivalent to saving one Three Gorges power station every year." This is the image of domestic experts on the energy saving of LED lighting.

If the lighting of every public place and every household in our province can use LED light source, the proportion of energy saving and emission reduction will be considerable.

At present, the province's demonstration projects for landscape lighting and outdoor lighting have been launched, and the provincial science and technology department is also the first to try LED light source lighting in multiple offices in the hall, but there is almost no LED used in the home. The person in charge of a company producing LED lighting miners in our province said that the company already has the ability to produce household LED lighting, but because most people do not understand the benefits of LED lighting, the current cost of LED lighting is Relatively high, so LED lighting does not form a common market among ordinary people.

Speaking of energy-saving lamps, in the "dictionary" of the vast majority of ordinary people, it is still the kind of white bright fluorescent light. Liu Xuening is an ordinary citizen of Harbin. His family's lighting has been using fluorescent lamps since 2000. For the benefit of fluorescent lamps, he relished: "Fluorescent lamps are brighter than incandescent lamps, save electricity, and have a long life. It is still worthwhile." It is unclear how many times fluorescent lamps are brighter than incandescent lamps, and how much electricity is saved. Although the price of a fluorescent bulb is nearly four times that of an incandescent lamp, he personally verified that fluorescent lamps are more cost-effective. It is because of this cost-effectiveness that today, fluorescent lamps have replaced incandescent lamps and “occupied” the homes of ordinary people.

Listening to Liu Xuening's "cost-effective", the reporter is full of confidence in the development prospects of semiconductor lighting. Because of the many advantages of fluorescent lamps, in the face of LED lighting, it is not enough. On energy saving, white LEDs save 50-80% of energy compared with fluorescent lamps; on the service life, white LEDs can reach 60,000 to 100,000 hours, which is 10 times that of fluorescent lamps, which is called "one person, one lamp, one lamp"; At present, white LEDs are comparable to fluorescent lamps, but with the development of LED lighting technology, the brightness is increasing by 15-20% per year. At the same time, with the rapid development of related technologies, the purchase cost of LED lighting will become lower and lower. To be "cost-effective", the use of LED lighting will be more and more cost-effective.

As long as more than one person uses this energy-saving eco-friendly lamp, our energy will consume one point less, and our living environment will be more green.

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