Cloud technology disputes domestic color TV industry is more like the end of the carnival

HC home grid original: After the outbreak of smart TV on the beginning of the year, the domestic TV has been aiming at the cloud TV. Haier, TCL, Skyworth, Changhong and other domestic color TV companies have launched cloud TVs in the past month. At one time, the domestic color TV was hazy and easily entered the cloud.

With the application of more functional technologies, TV is gradually completing the “all-round” transition from the “extraordinary” of single function to “speaking, reading and writing”, and the concept of intelligent is undoubtedly The transition has been pushed to a climax. The huge enthusiasm of domestic TVs in smart TV has made smart TVs gain unprecedented attention in the domestic market. Ignoring the actual performance of the terminal market, smart TV does make TV companies and the TV industry together. For domestic TV companies, there is such a perfect opportunity to catch up with the gap between foreign TV and foreign TV. Facts have also proved that with the full promotion of smart TV, domestic TV has achieved a staged victory in the first half of this year. This staged victory has undoubtedly stimulated domestic TV companies. Cloud TV appeared at this time, and it can be said that it is a good time.

Summarize the current cloud TV launched by domestic TV, which can be summarized in a few words: use cloud technology to reposition, reform, and upgrade TV content; realize the connection between TV and other personal multimedia terminals, thus connecting personal entertainment into one piece. The internet. Compared with smart TVs, cloud TVs are richer in content, simpler in operation, and more practical. This is the simple interpretation of the definition of cloud TV by TV companies. As can be seen from this definition, the so-called cloud TV is an upgraded version of smart TV with more upgrade programs and more content.

It is worth noting that before the domestic TV companies used cloud technology, cloud technology as an advanced data computing technology has achieved good response in the fields of computers and communications. This time, it has been widely used in domestic TV. On the one hand, it is the extreme desire of domestic TV for market share and industry leader status; on the other hand, it also benefits from the advantages of cloud technology itself.

After the cloud TV was launched one after another, the industry's voice appeared to be one-sided: the public opinion agreed that domestic TV should still be a little farther away from the cloud, which almost duplicated the scene when domestic TV was getting together with smart TV at the beginning of the year. From Internet TV to smart TV, to today's cloud TV, domestic TV companies are turning IT on little by little. Throughout the introduction of the new cloud TV, all of them are based on their rich online content, network programs, online games, audio and video, etc., and the quality of the TV itself has been infinitely marginalized. It can be seen that while the so-called upgrade of TV technology, TV companies have also forgotten some of the most basic things. And adding so many functions that were originally only computers to the TV can really bring about the revival of domestic TV? actually not.

Sky-style cloud TV is at risk of collapse

First of all, technology vacancies become a worry. After the TV entered the LCD era, domestic TVs have been at a disadvantage in confrontation with foreign TV. The lack of mastery of core technology has determined that domestic TV has always been weak, and the high-cost TV screen has made domestic TV suffer a lot of cost problems. In the case of lower and lower TV prices, domestic TVs that cannot solve the cost problem are indeed uncomfortable under the pressure of foreign TV prices. It is also this kind of experience that lasted for several years that made domestic TV have an unprecedented desire for success. Domestic TV has not chosen to transcend the basic technology directly in the means of solving this problem, but has thought of another way: function.

Starting from the initial Internet TV, it will be found that the domestic TV is more to circumvent the technical direct face of foreign TV, and more to achieve the difference between the function and foreign TV. However, in the beginning of the 3D TV's decision-making lag, the domestic TV was returned to its original shape. In desperation, smart TV became the last barrier of domestic TV betting, so we saw the almost paranoid input of domestic TV to smart TV.

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