Hitachi will launch 20 straight-tube LED lamps that can use existing fluorescent lamps

[High-tech LED News] Hitachi Electric Co., Ltd., Hitachi Group, will launch 20 straight-tube LED lamp update kits that can use existing 40-shaped straight tube fluorescent lamps from July 13th. It can be placed directly into an existing fluorescent lamp fixture in the same shape as a fluorescent lamp used for a normal G13 lamp socket.

Unlike the original product that is powered from the socket, a method of connecting the power supply line to the lamp and energizing it is employed. Its biggest feature is that even if the fluorescent lamp is mistakenly connected, it will not be energized to prevent malfunction. At present, the industry group Japan Light Bulb Industry Association is promoting external power supply.

At the same time, there are three kinds of update methods, such as replacing the lamp cap and other parts and a complete set of replacement devices, which can meet various replacement requirements according to the type and use of the fluorescent lamp device.

It is reported that the straight-tube type LED lamp to be launched will adopt an efficient component and an illumination compensation circuit that avoids waste by automatically adjusting the brightness, thereby suppressing power consumption, and can reduce the power consumption by about 44% compared with the fluorescent lamp device. power consumption. Life expectancy is also up to 3 times (40,000 hours) of fluorescent lamps, and maintenance maintenance costs can be suppressed.
Since the 40-shaped straight tube fluorescent lamp is widely used in commercial applications such as offices and shops, the product can be marketed to meet the increasing power demand due to power shortage caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake and to promote the replacement of LED lamps.

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