Medium-ZWL-S6 ultra-high-precision spectroradiometer, released globally

As the LED industry matures and the demand for LED products from international and domestic customers increases, consumers are increasingly demanding the quality of LED products, not only emphasizing luminous efficiency, but also indicators such as uniformity, consistency, and color rendering. Get attention. Whether in the field of LED backlighting or in the field of LED lighting, better optical measuring equipment is needed to solve the application needs of measurement. Previously, high-end detection equipment with high sensitivity, accurate measurement accuracy and international standards has always been the dominant position of foreign equipment. Domestic LED companies, in order to produce good quality LED products, a set of high-end testing equipment needs to invest hundreds of thousands or even millions, but in the after-sales guarantee, due to time and space distance, but can not get the fastest response.

Faced with this situation, the LED industry is looking forward to the domestic high-end testing equipment with international standards and in line with international standards. Based on the above reasons, Hangzhou Zhongwei Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. (ZVISION R ), as one of the leading companies in the field of semiconductor lighting equipment, cooperated with Ocean Optics in the United States to successfully develop the world's leading ZWL-S6 ultra-high-precision spectroradiometer. For the first time, it really broke the monopoly of foreign equipment manufacturers in the field of high-end test machines. Under the premise of meeting the high-end testing needs of customers, the equipment cost will be greatly reduced. At the same time, with the strong service strength of China Optoelectronics as the support, we will spare no effort to cheer for the Chinese LED industry! Zhongwei Optoelectronics will launch the first global simultaneous release of equipment in China's LED semiconductor equipment field at the Shanghai Gaogong G20-LED Summit and the US Ocean Optics News Release System on August 30, 2011! Dr. Yin Yuan, Director of Optoelectronics Basic Research, will share the latest views and recommendations of ZVISION R on LED testing.

The preferred high-end application environment is the ZWL-S6 ultra-high precision spectroradiometer system:

The ZWL-S6 ultra-high-precision spectroradiometer supports authoritative testing standards such as the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the International Commission on Illumination (CIE), the Energy Star, and the China Institute of Metrology (NIM); 4 M patented technology integrating sphere, excellent driving power supply, extremely professional fixture, and authoritative standard light source, etc., can form the highest-end ZWL-3140Q ultra-high precision color measurement system, which can effectively meet the industry testing institutions and enterprise laboratories. Such high-end application environments have high requirements for comprehensive performance such as spectral detection accuracy, stability, measurement range, test speed, design, and software functions. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the cost of maintaining high-end equipment and contribute to the development of China's LED industry!

Introduction to ZWL-S6 Ultra High Precision Spectroradiometer :

The ZWL-S6 ultra-high-precision spectroradiometer is an autonomous core algorithm and advanced system design, which ensures the overall performance of the radiometer. The integrated F 4 M patented technology integrating sphere, excellent driving power, and extremely professional The top-level components such as fixtures and authoritative standard light sources are used to create the ZWL-3140Q ultra-high-precision color measurement system. Its detection accuracy, stability, measurement range, test speed, software function, design and other indicators have reached the international top level, truly breaking the monopoly of foreign equipment manufacturers in the high-end testing field.
ZWL-S6 ultra-high-precision spectroradiometer has built-in international top spectrometer module, which is the inventor of semiconductor lighting CCD measurement core technology and fiber optic spectrometer. It is the most widely used in semiconductor lighting testing (ZVISION R ) and its strategic partners. Developed jointly by Ocean Optics.

Ultra high detection accuracy:
Ø Ultra-low dark current, signal-to-noise ratio up to 1000:1, chromaticity coordinates (x, y) with the highest precision up to 0.0010;
Superior stability:
Ø The detector adopts advanced internal intelligent constant temperature technology, which greatly reduces the influence of environmental temperature changes on the measurement results;
Ø Innovative high-frequency signal acquisition card for constant temperature cooling, effectively improving detection stability, and the chromaticity coordinate (x, y) stability can reach 0.0005 or less;
Ultra wide measuring range:
Ø Use a thin back-thinned area CCD detector. The two-dimensional pixel array can effectively receive optical signals with a wavelength range of 200 to 1100 nm, and can realize a high-precision color temperature test of 1300K-25000K;
Ø Dynamic range (refers to the ratio of the highest absorbance available to the instrument to the lowest absorbance detected. The larger the dynamic range, the wider the linear range that can be used to detect the sample) up to 25000:1, which can achieve 1.0×10 -2 lm - 2.0×10 5 lm light source test;
Ultra-fast test speed:
Ø Equipped with 2D area array CCD detector, the quantum efficiency is up to 90%, effectively receiving incident light, maximizing the test sensitivity of the system, and the fastest response time of CCD is up to 1ms;
International appearance:
Ø Adopting the high-grade paint process, combined with the unique diamond blue, the overall look of the equipment is high-end and atmospheric, to meet the needs of customers to enhance corporate image;
Authoritative standard traceability:
Ø It can be traced back to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the International Commission on Illumination (CIE), the Energy Star, and the China Institute of Metrology (NIM).
Powerful software:
Ø The system software supported by the core algorithm meets all the functions required for light source measurement and supports the analysis of multiple test reports;
Ø The test interface is simple and generous, and easy to operate;
Specialized services:
Ø 400 customer service system responds 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, high-quality customer service team to serve you;
Ø Complete CRM customer relationship management system to provide management support for fast, effective and continuous service to customers;
Accessories introduction:
Excellent drive power:
Ø Support voltage and current setting once, repeat dynamic measurement, and not damage the light source to be tested;
Ø Low ripple and low noise, ultra high resolution and accuracy of 0.1mV/0.01mA; built-in high-precision five-and-a-half voltmeter and milliohm meter; support high precision and dynamic programming output;
Ø High-grade, high-brightness VFD display;
Ø Power on self test, software calibration, intelligent servo fan system;
Ø Support remote voltage compensation and support external trigger input and output;
Ø Optional with pulse output power supply;
Ø Reliable and stable power supply performance, providing strong support for stable lighting of the light source, ensuring the test accuracy of the system;
The top grade is the F 4 M patented technology integrating ball:
Ø Support auxiliary light source compensation test;
Ø Support 4π method, 2π method test;
Ø The original F 4 M patented integrating sphere technology: the coating has the characteristics of high reflectivity, low thermal expansion and contraction rate, and no spectral selectivity. The design is unique, easy to open and close, and no light leakage. The sphere is made of special materials and heat dissipation. Good; ensure high precision testing;
Extremely professional fixture:
Ø With the most complete professional fixture library in the industry, it fully supports T8/T5, E27/E14, GU10, MR16, PAR30, Road Light, LAMP (Ф3, Ф5, Ф8, Ф10), Piranha-LED (Piranha), HP- Light source testing such as LED (1W, 3W, etc.), halogen (10W OSRAM, etc.), COB, TOP & SIDE View SMD TYPE LED (0603, 0805, 3014, 3020, 3528, 5050, 5050M, 5630);
Ø Highly professional fixtures to minimize the effects of self-absorption, near-field absorption and other factors on test results;
Ø It can realize various temperature control modes such as constant temperature, active cooling/passive cooling, heating device, etc., and accept customer customization;
Authoritative standard light source:
Ø For the spectrum (color temperature, wavelength and other parameters) and luminous flux transfer (calibration) of the spectrometer when testing LED, adopt a series of measurement standards such as direct measurement of the Chinese Institute of Metrology, which is authoritative by the state;

ZWL-S6 ultra high precision spectroradiometer

Semi-harvester for Agriculture:

The semi-feeding harvester can complete the harvesting, delamination, separation of stems, removal of sundries and other processes at one time, and the Rice Harvester machine for obtaining grain directly from the field is mainly suitable for rice harvesting, wheat harvesting, and this reaper machine can adapt to deep mud feet. Under the serious harvest conditions, the grain cleanliness after harvest is very high, and at the same time, the stem integrity after harvest can be guaranteed, so that farmers can complete harvesting and granulation with a single operation, thus saving manpower and material resources and greatly reducing the burden of farmers.

Semi-harvester for Agriculture02

Semi-harvester for Agriculture Technical Parameters:

1. Size: 3650*1800*1820 (mm)

2. Weight: 1480KG

3. Engine Fuel: Diesel

4. Harvest numbers line: 3

5. Harvesting width: 1200 (mm)

6. Cutting height range: 50-150 (mm)

7. Threshing depth control system: Manually

8. Adaptation crop height: 650-1200 (mm)

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Semi-harvester for Agriculture

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