Enjoy the warm texture of the logs Meze Classics 73 wooden headphones

The earphones must be plastic shells. Do you look like new gadgets? If you feel that cool fashion cards like Beats are not related to maturity, you will love Meze Classics 73. They choose An ebony case with earphones gives Classics 73 an elegant look.
The origin of Meze is very interesting. The company name is the surname of the founder Antonio Meze. The boss is very young. It was just the year of the year. But before the establishment of Meze, the industrial design circle in Europe and the United States was quite active, from the design of sports equipment. Antonio Meze has played in the most popular 3D printing application, but when he participated in a headset design project in Philips, he finally found his interest. In 2012, he founded Meze in London, England, and launched a series of names. Headphones in the "Classics" series.
Enjoy the warmth of the logs Meze Classics 73 wooden headphones
What are the characteristics of the Meze Classics headphones? The ebony shell is the most eye-catching feature. The other feature is invisible. It is a larger diaphragm. I used to listen to the flagship Classics 88. The size of the headphones is too large because The size of the diaphragm used in the interior is large, and the earmuffs have to be so large. This Classics 73 is considered to be the "second flagship", the size is much smaller, the appearance looks more balanced, and the headphone strap is more moderate.
I don't know if the readers can see the texture of Classics 73 from the photos on the webpage. Although the Internet age has pictures and the truth, if you take Classics 73 and play it, you may feel more than watching a thousand photos. More direct. For example, the simple headband, the exterior is covered with fine leather, the inside is cushioned, the thickness is moderate, and it is very comfortable to wear. However, no matter how I write the leather texture is delicate and comfortable to wear, it is not as good as you can try. Wear it once. I can only say that Classics 73 and my head are fully equipped. The headphones of the wooden case are not heavy, they are comfortable to wear, and they will not be tired after listening for a long time.
Because the earmuffs of the Classics 73 are ebony, the wood grain of each Classics 73 is different, and even the left and right sides are not the same, because the Classics 73 natural ebony wood is not the same as the two. I Carefully look at the details of Classics 73, guess whether this is wood grain veneer, or the whole piece of ebony wood to get out of the car, if it is wood grain veneer that value is much worse, but no matter how I bend, how Twisted, the exposed wooden shell looks like a whole piece of ebony to go out. There are also designs about acoustic considerations, such as the ebony shell top view, and the car out of the hole, that is In order to increase the openness of the headphones, extend the design of the sound field.
Why did the original call this headset Classics 73, which originally refers to the size of the ebony earmuffs, the Classics 73 earbuds are 73mm, while the Classics 88 earcups are 88mm, and so on, another Classics 66 earmuffs are 66mm. Classics 73 ebony earmuffs, equipped with a large size of 50mm caliber, equipped with a powerful neodymium magnet engine, the original factory frequency response is 18Hz ~ 22kHz, the efficiency is 107dB, the impedance is 40 ohms, it seems not difficult to push. However, my specifications are the specifications of the original website. Compared with the specification data on the Classics 73 carton, there are some discrepancies. I think the information on the website should be relatively new, so the original website is used. The data.
Enjoy the warmth of the logs Meze Classics 73 wooden headphones
Another classic design of the Classics 73 is the headphone cable. The general headphone cable is directly connected to the earphone. The Classics 73's headphone cable is independent. This is not unusual, because Senheisser or AKG has many high-end headphones. It is a stand-alone headphone cable that can be upgraded by users. However, the design of Classics 73 is different. The headphone body is almost 100% symmetrical, so you don’t have to wear Classics 73 or wear it because it is symmetrical, so there is no front and back. There is no right or left. 咦? There is no left and right points, how does Classics 73 distinguish the left and right channels? By headphone cable, the original attached to the headset cable has two, one long and one short, but the end of the headset body Left and right channels, you only need to connect to Classics 73, the left and right channels are separated.
Enjoy the warmth of the logs Meze Classics 73 wooden headphones
In terms of sound direction, Classics 73 and its appearance are in line with each other. The sound is elegant and dignified. It doesn't feel very special at first, but the character of listening can always listen, not noisy, no noise, no temperature. The character of the fire, as if it were a British gentleman, seems to be a bit warm, but it is a soft and comfortable feeling. This time when listening to Classics 73, there is one more secret weapon than the Classics 88, which is the Meridian Explorer USB DAC. This is my favorite "new toy", which is light and compact, but the sound is very good, so when I connect the Classics 73 to the Exploer DAC, I feel like I am better than Classics 88. Think carefully. Meridian Explorer has a bonus effect.
Enjoy the warmth of the logs Meze Classics 73 wooden headphones
Classics 73's mid-low frequency is warm and moist, but the sense of speed is not the fast one. It lacks some listening personality, but it has more beautiful sounds. For example, listening to Richie Lee Jones' "Pop Pop", "My One and Only Love" The guitar Solo grain is clear, the speaker resonance is very good, and the bass bass is also very good in thickness, the speed is a little slow, the tone of the music is soft and tender, so warm tones are very comfortable to listen to jazz, lazy Swing atmosphere Better. But if you like to listen to the electric sound, Classics 73 can reproduce the huge amount of low frequency, but the slower speed feels a bit turbid, the electric sound is not so high, it seems that the British gentleman is still It is suitable for comfortable and pleasant speed. It is really necessary to use it. It may be more appropriate to find a brand of headphones.

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