Infineon Introduces Half-Watt LED Driver Series

Infineon Technologies AG has announced a new line of low-cost linear LED drivers to further expand its lineup of energy-efficient lighting IC products. The new BCR320 and BCR420 product lines meet the market's rapidly growing demand for energy efficient and environmentally friendly light-emitting diode (LED) lighting solutions. LED drivers rated at 150 mA to 200 mA are designed to drive 0.5 watt LEDs with a negative temperature coefficient to extend the life of the LEDs while providing a digital interface for pulse width modulation (PWM) signals. Dimming.

Not long ago, the 0.5W LED with higher energy efficiency was introduced, and Infineon's 0.5W LED driver is expected to be more widely used. However, current resistor solutions for implementing LED current bias have significant drawbacks such as uneven light output and reduced LED life. In addition, switch mode drivers are not able to meet the price requirements of half-watt LED products, and increase the number of components and increase the complexity of the drive circuit.

The new BCR320 and BCR420 LED drivers have been designed to overcome all of these deficiencies, providing a low cost, small form factor and easy to use solution for half watt LED products.

The product design of these two devices avoids the use of inductors, capacitors and freewheeling diodes, which reduces costs and significantly reduces board space. Extend the life of LED products without the need for electrolytic capacitors.

Technical description of BCR320 series and BCR420 series LED drivers

Establish industry cost-effective benchmarks

The BCR320 is specifically designed to deliver peak output currents up to 300 mA. For continuous operation, the maximum nominal current is recommended to be 250 mA. Although the internal breakdown voltage of this device is typically 20 volts, it can operate at voltages up to 24 volts or higher because it is in series with the LED.

The BCR320 is primarily suitable for general lighting, architectural lighting and mood lighting applications. Another fast-growing market is store lighting, where 0.5 watt LEDs are the preferred product because it ensures softer light. The BCR320 device has a negative temperature coefficient, which means that the current will decrease at a slope of 0.2%/K with increasing temperature. The BCR320U and BCR321U models are available in a tiny SC-74 package (2.9 mm x 2.5 mm x 1.1 mm) and consume 1 watt. The BCR320P and BCR321P models are available in a SOT-223 package (6.5 mm x 7.0 mm x 1.6 mm) and consume 2 watts. The BCR321U and BCR321P models provide a logic level input for brightness adjustment.

Compared to the BCR320, the BCR420 series has a higher internal breakdown voltage and lower output current. The BCR420's internal breakdown voltage is typically 50 volts with a standard output current of 150 mA. This series of LED drivers is suitable for applications similar to the BCR320 with a maximum drive current of 150 mA. In addition, the devices are currently applying for AECQ 101 certification to qualify for automotive products. Both the BCR420 and BCR421 are available in an SC-74 package. The BCR421 model is equipped with a microcontroller interface for brightness adjustment.

Availability and pricing

The BCR320U and BCR420U LED drivers are in volume production. The BCR320P and BCR321P are expected to be in volume production in the first quarter of 2010. When the order quantity reaches several thousand, the unit price of BCR320 and BCR420 is between 0.18 euros and 0.23 euros (0.25 to 0.32 US dollars).

Infineon offers a comprehensive LED driver solution. These devices are rugged and affordable, meeting the ever-changing and demanding requirements of lighting applications.

Editor: China Lighting Network Feng Yaoyuan

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