LED technology enters the Expo energy-saving and beautiful lighting

Six to seventy percent of outdoor lighting will be hailed as the "final form of lighting" by the latest LED technology. It will soon be "played" into the general lighting field from the special lighting field. The reporter learned from the China (Shanghai) International LED Industry Technology Exhibition Organizing Committee that was unveiled yesterday that 60 to 70% of the outdoor lighting in the Expo Park will use LEDs, of which more than 80% of the landscape lighting will be led by LED.
The China (Shanghai) International LED Industrial Technology Exhibition, co-sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the World Expo Group, was held at the Pudong New International Expo Center from the 10th to the 10th. There are more than 400 exhibitors, and it is by far the largest LED industry in China. Exhibition. Vice Minister of Science and Technology Cao Jianlin and Shanghai Vice Mayor Shen Xiaoming attended the opening ceremony.
At the scene of the streetlight contest, the most eye-catching event was the "LED Street Lights Competition". More than 70 LED street lights produced by more than 40 manufacturers competed on both sides of the road.
From single-color light to white light, LED lighting technology has developed rapidly for many years and is now sufficient for outdoor road traffic lighting. In the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand” semiconductor lighting application engineering pilot project launched this year, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other top ten cities began to promote the application of LED street lights. The LED street lights that Shanghai has lit up on demonstration roads such as Wuning Road have reached 500,000.
According to the organizing committee, one of the reasons why the participants of the streetlight contest are so active is that many manufacturers expect their products to have the opportunity to be applied to the Expo site.
As a new type of solid-state light source, energy-saving masters have the biggest advantages of low-power consumption and long life. Used as landscape lighting (instead of neon), it can save 70% energy; as traffic light (alternative incandescent), it can save 80% energy. When the World Expo next year is held, the newly developed LED white light is expected to exceed the fluorescent light, and the energy saving effect is more remarkable.
Shanghai has listed LED lighting as the “Expo Technology Special Project”. At the World Expo next year, this new technology will be unveiled on a large scale. According to the scientific research on the night landscape of the Expo site in the “Exploration of New Technology of Landscape Light Environment Planning in the Expo Site”, the sightseeing environment in the Expo Park will control the brightness and color temperature in different regions, and each region has different LED lighting schemes.
According to the plan, the theme lighting of the theme pavilion will all adopt LED technology: on the outer facade of the east and west, nearly 2,000 sets of LED lights can create the effect of twinkling stars; the LED lights of the north wall will be “painted” for tourists. Maglev train, five-star red flag and other graphics. The 1.4km long main road in the Expo Theme Park is illuminated by 5m high LED street lights; 80% of the night scenery along the riverside is built by LED lighting technology. Puxi Expo Park, the former site of Jiangnan Shipyard and Nanshi Power Plant, 70% of the riverside landscape lighting and road function lighting are led by LED. In the urban best practice area, Shanghai eco-houses that showcase Shanghai's green architecture will also use LED technology for indoor lighting.
It is reported that the LED lighting design, installation and commissioning work of the main Expo venues is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.

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