LED display 60th anniversary National Day ceremony shines

On the 60th anniversary of the mainland, the National Day celebration ended with a grand celebration. Millions of beautiful LED lights formed a number of displays to play an important role in Beijing Tiananmen Square, with colorful colors, uniform brightness and grand ceremony. Celebrate the joy of the 60th anniversary. The multi-faceted LED display built by Beijing Liard Technology on Tiananmen Square and the “Light Cube” show by Jin Lixiang Technology have gained global attention. These outstanding works are all international-level professional standards and create beautiful colors for the country. International image. The core LED constant current driver products are provided by Accumulation Technology, which bloom together in the National Day Ceremony!

Liard's display quality has reached international standards and adopted on the 60th anniversary of the mainland to promote the national image.

Beijing Liard provides LED display with international standards. After the Olympic Games, it won the national recognition again and won a series of large-scale LED display standards for the 60th anniversary of the annual event of the mainland. Li Jun, chairman of Liard, said: "This historic national celebration, the state wants to show a world-class high-tech level, to promote China's brilliant achievements in the past 60 years, and highlight China's development in the LED industry. Achievements. And Liard's series of high-tech, high-quality displays are honored to participate in the 60th anniversary of the National Day event, to applaud the motherland. In order to show Liard's display effect to the fullest, our quality for LED drivers The requirements are even stricter. On the National Day, I watched Liard’s screen playing a dazzling picture under the attention of the national audience. I was really excited. This national celebration once again showed Liard’s LED display technology to the national audience. And the results of quality efforts."

Photo source: Beijing Liad

A series of high-definition LED displays installed by Beijing Lia in the 60th National Day, including: large screens with a total area of ​​736 square meters on both sides of the east and west sides of Tiananmen Square, playing all the activities on the celebration, painting The quality is clear, the play is smooth and stable, and the audience is highly appreciated. The high-definition screen next to the Monument to the People's Heroes is 50 meters long, rolling with exciting slogans and beautiful pictures, cheering happy 60th birthday. In addition, in the happy parade, Beijing floats, Hunan floats, and industrial achievement floats are also loaded with LED displays, recalling the achievements of the 60th anniversary of the mainland. Liard successfully displayed the national image through the beautiful display screen, and the 60th anniversary of the mainland celebration was successfully ended in cheers.

Jin Lixiang Technology creates “Light Cube” and interprets high-quality giant display

Another important visual feast in the National Day ceremony was to create a giant ground display "Light Cube" of more than 9,000 square meters composed of 4,028 LED trees for Jin Lixiang. From a distance, the "Light Cube" is a huge "multi-dimensional ground video". In fact, it is actually a giant picture composed of LED light-emitting trees. Nearly two million LEDs are precisely controlled by Jin Lixiang's control system on the light-emitting tree. The procedural picture, and then the performer interacts with the picture to form a refined performance. The general manager of Jin Lixiang Technology Bai Ming said that every light-emitting point of the illuminating tree can not be wrong, and if the light source displayed by the LED has unstable current, it will destroy the overall picture, so it must be matched with the reliability of the quality. The LED driver combines technology and humanity creativity to achieve this national performance mission with a uniform performance.

Accumulating LED constant current driver products have accumulated 500 million shipments since 2002, and have served more than 500 customers worldwide, from outdoor billboards, sports to large government standards, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, and even the mainland. The 60th Anniversary National Day has been adopted by customers, and the future accumulation will also adhere to the quality and continue to provide world-class technical standards and cost-effective products, to help customers improve the application of LED display to achieve the perfect level.

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