Jingdian's gross profit will be declining this quarter, and the market is expected to grow quarter by quarter.

LED epitaxial faucet will be convened by the board of directors to announce profit. The spokesperson of Jingdian said that the LED factory operation is good or bad this year, depending on the development of LED lighting. This quarter's gross margin is still under pressure. Jingdian is still happy to see the market outlook, and believes that this year's trend is quarterly upward, which is quite different from the quarterly decline last year.

The market expects that Jingdian will lose money in the fourth quarter of last year. The gross profit margin in the single quarter is lower than that in the financial tsunami in 2008. The net profit per share for the whole year last year was less than 1 yuan. The performance of Jingdian is still at the bottom, but foreign investment is optimistic about the rising trend of the LED market quarter by quarter, and it will be heavily replenished when the fundamentals are low. The market expects that the LED group will release the financial report this week and will face a long and short battle.

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