Week 8 2012 Solar PV Product Price Trends

Week 8 2012 Solar PV Product Price Trends In the 8th week of 2012 (February 20th - 24th), the prices of silicon wafers increased slightly this week. The prices of polysilicon, ingots, rods, solar cells, and photovoltaic modules remained stable, and the growth of polysilicon products was insufficient. This week, due to Germany's announcement of a new PV subsidy policy on the 23rd, inventory at German ports has rapidly swiftly moved. Some PV module companies have sold out their inventory at local ports, and Dachang actively mobilizes inventory, while second-tier PV companies have funds due to other reasons. Inventory shortage. According to incomplete statistics, this time installed capacity will be significantly less than the 2011Q3 level due to limited time, but conservative estimates will exceed 1.5GW - 1.8GW.

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