LED lighting features

LED lighting products are a new generation of lighting trends, with green environmental protection and energy saving features. The products are divided into two series: public lighting and indoor lighting. The public lighting series includes LED street lights , LED tunnel lights and LED flood lights , which can be used for residential, street, road and floodlighting. Indoor lighting includes LED downlights , LED fluorescent lights, LED grille lights, LED bulbs, suitable for indoor lighting places in home, business, institutions, schools, military, hospitals, aerospace, etc., as well as holiday lighting , parks, stage, etc. It can generally replace traditional chandeliers, downlights, fluorescent lamps, light bars and other lamps.

With the continuous development of LED lighting fixtures, high-brightness LEDs have shown strong growth momentum in more and more general lighting fields. Due to the strong domestic lighting demand, the market attention of brightness LED is gradually strengthening, and the promotion of various large-scale events has also enabled China to continue to grow into the largest market for high-brightness LED applications. The Kongming luminaire developed by Dongguan Huachen Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is the leader in this huge industry competition.

LED lighting features:

1. Energy saving. Using a high-quality LED light source, 1W of light is equivalent to 4-5 times that of incandescent lamps under the same electric energy, and is more than twice that of energy-saving lamps.

2, environmental protection. LED is a semiconductor material, without any harmful substances, and can be recycled because it is solid and not brittle.

3, long life. The life expectancy of LED lamps is generally more than 5 times that of energy-saving lamps under normal use.

4, the light color is pure. LED color rendering index (RA) is higher than traditional lamps, generally reaching more than 75, the traditional lamp is about 40-50.

5, can work in high speed state. If the energy-saving lamp starts or turns off the filament frequently, it will black out quickly. The LED belongs to the semiconductor and can work in the high-speed switching state.

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