Rui Lighting built the first LED street lamp model street in Hunan Province

Recently, the LED street lighting model road of Chuxi Road and Xinkang Road in Yutan Town, Changsha City, Hunan Province was officially put into operation. The road is 3 kilometers long and 400 LED street lights are installed. It is estimated that more than 50 electricity costs can be saved in one year. Ten thousand yuan.

The project originally planned to invest more than 3 million yuan to install ordinary high-pressure sodium lamp street lamps. Changsha Rui Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. actively introduced to investors that it can transform Chuxi Road and Xinkang Road into LED street lamp energy-saving lighting samples without increasing investment. road.

The person in charge of Sharp Lighting introduced that the LED light source is the fourth generation light source, and the LED lamp has the characteristics of power saving, large illumination and long service life. A common high-pressure sodium lamp street lamp consumes 1 kWh per hour, and after switching to an LED street lamp, it can save 70% of electricity per hour. The project is currently the first street in Changsha to install LED street lights, and is the first LED street light model street in Hunan Province.

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