Upstream manufacturers are in a hurry, and the packaging plant is in a worries

“Vertical integration” is a hot topic in the LED industry in China and around the world in 2010. Whether it is top-down integration or bottom-up integration, it will undoubtedly exert great pressure on those companies that focus on packaging. This pressure includes future chip supply and device packaging costs.

From the perspective of global development trends, in addition to Taiwan's epitaxial chip factory is still in mass production and export chips, whether it is the European and American LED chip giants CREE, Osram, Philips Lumileds or Japan's Nichia, Seoul, South Korea, everyone seems to have reached a certain consensus That is to gradually extend the product line to the packaging link, and eventually cancel the direct sales of chips.

Obviously, China's LED chip companies are also aware. In April this year, the domestic display chip leading company Hangzhou Silan Mingxin parent company Silan Micro announced that the company plans to cut into the downstream packaging business of LED chips, and further enhance the profitability of the LED business. As early as 2009, Silan Micro has established Hangzhou Meikale Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., targeting high-quality LED packaging business. Also at this time, the domestic LED chip manufacturer Sanan Optoelectronics announced that it will invest 40.80 million yuan to hold the Chery Automobile packaging industry. As early as two years ago, Xiamen Xinda and Sanan Electronics respectively invested 70% and 30% to establish Xiamen Xinda Optoelectronics' main LED packaging business. Sanan Electronics said it will give Cinda Optoelectronics full support in chip supply and technology. .

What makes GLII even more worried is that as Taiwan's LED chip factory and packaging factory form a strategic alliance, if the domestic chip factory can not quickly improve the chip production and quality, the global chip shortage panic that will appear in the first half of this year will once again be pervasive. In the land of China.

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