Implementation method of intelligent fire extinguishing robot controller

The controller is the main body of intelligent robot processing and control information, which directly determines the behavior and performance of the robot . In recent years, with the continuous advancement of high-performance microcontrollers and embedded system technologies, solutions have been provided for various real-time control applications.

Embedded System (ES) is a combination of advanced technologies such as computer technology, communication technology, semiconductor technology, microelectronics technology, voice image data transmission technology, and even sensors and specific application objects. It is closely tied together with hardware and software. system. The embedded system is applied to the design of fire-extinguishing robots, and the performance of the robot is intelligent, networked and miniaturized.

The fire extinguishing robot for competition needs the robot to have high intelligent automatic control performance and reliable mechanical control performance, so as to accurately find the fire source and extinguish the fire in a short time. Based on the ARM9 processor, the intelligent fire extinguishing robot based on embedded system is designed. This paper will describe the implementation method of intelligent fire extinguishing robot controller from hardware and software, and give the concrete experiment of robot fire extinguishing, verify the feasibility of the scheme, and provide a platform for further research of intelligent fire extinguishing robot.

1 Description of the fire extinguishing robot

The outer structure of the fire extinguishing robot is shown in Figure 1. Its main components are: infrared emission sensor (6), infrared receiving sensor (6), sound sensor (1), fire extinguishing fan (1 in front and back), far Infrared flame sensor, etc. (7 in front and back). The combination of infrared emission and receiving sensors enables the robot to automatically avoid obstacles. The far-infrared flame sensor can detect the intensity of light and is used to determine whether there is fire in the room and to promote light. The sound sensor is used to start. Based on practice, fan fire extinguishing is more reliable, so use a fan to extinguish the fire.

2 overall design of the fire fighting robot

In the intelligent fire extinguishing robot system, the first problem to be solved is the positioning problem, so a good positioning solution is needed. Therefore, the control core needs to leave enough input interfaces for the sensors, and there must be enough output interfaces for controlling peripherals. The speed is very important for the fire-extinguishing robot. In the case of high-speed motion, the CPU needs to have a relatively strong floating-point arithmetic capability. Based on the above considerations, ARM9 is selected as the control core of the fire extinguishing robot. The controller has complete hardware functions, low power consumption and high integration of peripheral devices. It is an advanced intelligent robot computing platform. It is shown in Table 1 with other main components, and the overall system framework is shown in Figure 2.

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