Security cable industry status and trend analysis

Security cable industry status and trend analysis

Although China's wire and cable industry has gone through more than two decades and has made considerable progress, it still does not go beyond the big and weak circle, and there is still a big gap compared with world-class companies. There are many problems such as low industrial concentration, large number of enterprises, small scale, insufficient scale economy, insufficient independent innovation capacity, and outstanding product structural contradictions. With the continuous progress in market competition, the development of wire and cable enterprises in China is facing the market conditions of survival of the fittest.

Security cable industry trends

Vicious competition in the market With the rapid development of the domestic security industry, the original security cable manufacturers have expanded their production capacity, and other cable manufacturers and some newly established companies have also joined the security industry, and market competition has intensified. In order to increase market share and obtain a certain amount of living space, most security cable manufacturers often adopt low-cost strategies. When the sales price of a product is close to or even lower than the actual cost of product manufacturing, some manufacturers can only maintain operations and production by means of cutting corners, reducing the number of yards, and shoddy in order to ensure profits and control costs. In recent years, the prices of raw materials required for cable production in the international market have continued to rise, but the sales price of domestic cable products has been limited. Formed a small manufacturer price does not rise, the quality of declining, large manufacturers price increase is limited, the profit is significantly reduced, not only affects the normal operation and development of enterprises, but also endanger the domestic security industry's healthy and orderly development and the interests of the majority of security users.

We know that the most direct users of security cable products are often security system integrators and contractors. For some integrators and engineers who are still in the early stage of development, the scale of the company is very limited. The management mechanism needs to be further improved. There are still certain loopholes in the procurement management of products. There is room for sales of security cable sales or manufacturers that use individuals or family members as sales agents in the form of rebates or rebates, which undermines a good market order.

What is gratifying is that some enterprises with considerable scale and strength and a certain degree of social responsibility have fully realized that this low-cost vicious competition has brought about serious consequences for the entire security industry. In the market sales of security cable products, sales methods are being vigorously promoted. Even though they may affect the sales profits and market space of these enterprises in a certain period of time, in the long run, they will regulate the security industry market. The healthy and orderly development of the entire security industry has a positive effect.

Low quality products are popular in the security industry in the country is an emerging industry, users and engineering companies in the purchase or construction process, the importance of the selection of equipment or other equipment, but often overlook the quality of cable products or services. Coupled with fierce price competition in domestic security engineering bidding, engineers often consider price as the primary factor in the purchase of cable products, coupled with the particularity of cable products, their quality and some performance and service life. Such as the need for professionals or equipment to identify, which to a large extent caused a certain percentage of substandard products in various security systems are widely used, and some even national key projects. Due to the use of low-quality and inferior security cable products caused by problems in the quality of the project or project acceptance can not pass through other incidents, has caused a negative impact on the reputation of the engineering firm, but also to the user's interests suffered losses.

Need to cause the industry to attach great importance to is: Because the construction and application of cable products are generally hidden projects, the quality of the product quality can not be observed directly from the outside, so the hazard is also hidden. Randomly select some unqualified products, so that the normal service life of the system can not be guaranteed. In the end, digging the wall and digging the ground will not only cause losses, but will also seriously endanger the safety of users' lives and property during use.

Security cable standardization leader

In order to better promote the security industry and ensure the harmonious development of social life and work, security cable products must be developed in a safer and faster direction. China is one of the most important cable product R&D and production bases in the world. Currently, it has fire-retardant and fire-resistant, high-temperature and low-temperature resistant, low-inductance and low-noise, green environmental protection, low-smoke and halogen-free, anti-termite and rodent-proof, water and moisture proof, etc. A series of cable products with unique performance and special structure have already formed certain productivity. With the continuous improvement of social security and system security requirements, through the extensive publicity, promotion and collaboration of governments, industries, and companies, we believe that the above-mentioned high-performance, high-efficiency and safe new technology cable products will surely be similar to the developed countries in the West. That way, it is widely used in security systems.

Industry standards are the basis for the development of industries and enterprises. Product technical standards are an effective guarantee for product quality. With the development and maturity of China's security industry, the national authorities are pushing for the standardization of the security industry. At present, the development of technical standards for security cable products has been incorporated into the next phase of the work plan. We believe that with the joint efforts of the government, industry, and the company, the production and quality assurance of security cable products will have regulations, laws and regulations, security cable technology and applications will be more reliable. The field of specialization advances rapidly.

China's security industry has started from scratch and has grown in competition. After decades of development, it has formed a certain scale. With the promotion of global economic integration, there will inevitably be leading companies in the industry with different products, and the degree of industrial concentration will continue to increase. Only industry concentration has emerged in the industry, leading companies emerged and the industry can be established to form a common development philosophy. Only from the perspective of the most basic survival considerations can companies enter the most important areas of scientific management, core technologies, and core products to promote the healthy development of the industry, so as to avoid unfair competition of low quality and low end. The chaotic competition between the large and small, miscellaneous wire and cable manufacturers, the lack of technical strength in the industry, and the size of funds will gradually end for the local interests and vicious competition.

At present, leading companies in the domestic security industry have begun to show signs, and the domestic security cable market has formed a number of mainstream companies. These enterprises have expanded through continuous product extension and channels, through continuous improvement of enterprise management and team building, whether in the brand The degree of influence or the overall improvement of product quality, service specifications have been increasingly accepted by the industry and users. It is believed that with the continuous improvement of industrial concentration, with the continuous expansion of the production scale of such enterprises, the productivity generated by the scale will be fully reflected in the market, and cost-effective products plus standardized services will occupy the security cable. The vast majority of market share.

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Product superiority

1. LED spotlights can be driven by low-voltage direct current: it has the advantages of small load and weak interference, and has low requirements on the use environment.2. LED spotlights can control the composition of the luminous spectrum well, so that they can be well used for local or key lighting in museums and exhibition halls.

3. The luminous directivity of LED spotlights is very strong: the luminance attenuation is much lower than that of traditional light sources, and the price of LED spotlights is fairly civilian.

4. The response time of LED spotlights is very fast: at the microsecond level, as long as the switch is on, it will be on immediately without any delay or flicker.

5. The light energy concentration of LED spotlights is very high: it is concentrated in a small wavelength window with high purity.

6. The service life is very long, generally between 50,000 and 100,000 hours, because LED is a semiconductor device, and even frequent switching will not affect the service life.

7. Good environmental protection, LED to shoot the light in the process of production don't add "mercury", also do not need air, do not need glass shell, good impact resistance, good shock resistance, invulnerability to breakage and facilitate transportation, very green, known as "green energy", the LED lamp price.

8. Energy saving, the spectrum of LED spotlights is almost all concentrated in the visible light frequency band, and its luminous efficiency can reach 80 ~ 90%.It is generally believed that the energy-saving of energy-saving lamps 4/5 is a great innovation, but LED spotlights are more than 1/2 energy efficient than energy-saving lamps, which is a greater reform of solid light sources.

LED Spot Light Series

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