Innovative development of spherical high-power fluorescent lamp technology


In 1938, GE invented fluorescent lamps in the United States. It has been nearly 80 years old. Due to the close proximity of the emission spectrum of fluorescent lamps to solar spectrum, high luminous efficiency, optional light color, small heat radiation and long life, traditional fluorescent lamps have developed rapidly. In the field of lighting, it has quickly become the main source of indoor lighting.

First of all, in 1974, Philips first developed the trichromatic phosphor in the Netherlands, which is an important milestone in the history of fluorescent lamps. In the early 1980s, China successfully developed rare earth trichromatic phosphors for lamps; followed by the development of compact fluorescent lamps in the early 1980s and the introduction of T5 (Ф16mm) in the 1990s; and the third was the success of electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps. Fluorescent lamps have achieved these three important technological innovations, making fluorescent lamps revolutionized at the end of the twentieth century. The luminous efficiency of fluorescent lamps is increased by about 50%, and the lifespan is increased by about 150%. It has become an energy-efficient green lighting energy-saving light source in the field of lighting.

However, with the advent of the 21st century, various new light sources such as LED chips have emerged, and the use of light sources in lighting applications has been continuously improved. Energy-saving and environmental protection indicators have risen and the requirements for product cost performance have become higher and higher. Market competition Very intense. The limitations of fluorescent lamp performance indicators make it appear in shortcomings in industrial lighting applications, and technology and price become bottlenecks that hinder applications.

Therefore, the development pressure of fluorescent lamps in the new century is getting bigger and bigger. Throughout the history of fluorescent lamps, we can see that the development of fluorescent lamps in the past eight decades, only continuous innovation is the only way out, otherwise fluorescent products will become a substitute product, gradually marginalized, if the product stops technological innovation, it will definitely be marketed. Eliminate!

This paper fully affirms and comprehensively summarizes the advantages of traditional fluorescent lamps, focusing on the innovative development of spherical high-power fluorescent lamp technology in the new century, and opening up a new situation for industrial lighting!

1. The status quo and advantages of traditional fluorescent lamps

  1.1 Status of fluorescent products

"Fluorescent lamp" has been in existence for nearly 80 years. As the light source closest to natural light, the lighting comfort keeps the fluorescent lamp still holding about 60% of all current artificial light sources.

In 2014, the total output of fluorescent lamps produced in China was 6.09 billion, but it was down 12.4% year-on-year. Among them, 4.47 billion compact fluorescent lamps, down 10.8% year-on-year, and 1.49 billion direct-tube fluorescent lamps, down 19.9% ​​year-on-year, of which 434 million T5 pipes fell 15.2% year-on-year, and T8 pipes 899 million, down 16% year-on-year. Fluorescent lamp products are obviously showing a downward trend, and the downward trend is expected to accelerate year by year. The situation that the output of traditional fluorescent lamp products is declining year by year should attract people's attention.

Under the impact of LED lighting, the output of HID lamps has also declined to varying degrees. In 2014, the total output of HID lamps was 151 million, a year-on-year decrease of 10.6%. Among them, there are 0.66 million metal halide lamps, 0.48 million high-pressure sodium lamps and 360 million high-pressure mercury lamps.

1.2 Three major technological innovations in the 20th century fluorescent lamps

The development of fluorescent lamps in the last century relied on three major technological innovations: rare earth trichromatic phosphors, compact and thin-tube fluorescent lamps, and fluorescent electronic ballasts. The combination of three technological innovations completed a technological revolution in fluorescent lamps.

1.2.1 Rare earth trichromatic phosphors are an important milestone in the history of fluorescent lamps because there is no new generation of thin-diameter energy-saving lamps without the rare earth trichromatic phosphors. Rare earth trichromatic phosphors play the most important role in improving the quality of fluorescent lamps, improve luminous efficiency, improve thermal stability, slow down light decay, increase luminous flux maintenance rate, etc., and comprehensively improve various performance indexes of fluorescent lamps. The disadvantage is that the rare earth trichromatic phosphors are relatively expensive and increase the cost of the product.

1.2.2 Compact and thin-diameter fluorescent lamps are another major development of fluorescent lamps with the advent of rare earth trichromatic phosphors. The thinner the tube diameter of the fluorescent lamp, the higher the light efficiency of the lamp. In 1938, the T12 (diameter 38mm) luminous efficiency is only about 50Lm/W. In 1978, the T8 (diameter 26mm) luminous efficiency is about 60Lm/W 1995 T5 (diameter 26mm). The luminous efficiency is increased to 90Lm/W. There are also fluorescent tubes with thinner diameters such as T4, T3, T2, etc. The thinner the tube diameter of the fluorescent lamp, the higher the corresponding ignition voltage, the matching electronic ballast must be selected, and the technical performance requirements of the ballast are higher. The fluorescent lamp with diameter less than T8 (diameter 26mm) must match the electron. Ballast.

   1.2.3 Fluorescent electronic ballasts With the emergence of compact and thin-tube fluorescent lamps, high-frequency electronic ballasts that match fluorescent lamps need to be developed.

In the 1970s, the development of fluorescent electronic ballasts succeeded in producing high-frequency ignition voltages, which ignited fluorescent lamps. Until the 1990s, different types of electronic ballasts, such as active filters and composite pump circuits, were invented. Power factor ≥ 0.95, active filter lamp current crest factor ≤ 1.4, composite pump circuit lamp current crest factor ≤ 1.7, lumen coefficient ≥ 0.9, the above two electronic ballasts without stroboscopic, filament preheating, performance standards, electromagnetic Interference and various abnormal protection, intelligent control and other aspects have reached a high level, in line with national 3C and UL, CE mandatory standards.

At the end of the 20th century, the successful development of electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps has further improved the technical performance indicators, performance and power saving levels of fluorescent lamps.

   1.3 The advantages of fluorescent products in the field of lighting still exist

1.3.1 “Fluorescent lighting” has good comfort, high lighting quality, good eye health, and has a greater innate advantage compared with other light sources.

Several major lighting performance indicators for fluorescent lighting are excellent:

Light source color temperature can choose a wide range (2000K ~ 7000K)

The light source has a high color rendering index and good color reproduction performance (Ra: 82 to 95)

The light source emits light and evenly, without stroboscopic, glare-free and blue-free light pollution.

The light source is a low-temperature light source, which has little impact on the ambient temperature and is safe and reliable.

1.3.2 "Fluorescent lighting" has good stability and low maintenance cost. Nearly 80 years of research and development and application have greatly ensured the technical maturity of traditional products. The color temperature of the light source is stable, the color drift is small, the service life is long, and the operation period is safe and reliable. Fluorescent lighting has been stable, reliable and widely used for more than half a century. “Fluorescent lighting” is based on extremely mature technology and has been implemented with innovation and application.

   1.3.3 "Fluorescent lighting" is a green, energy-efficient lighting method

When the working surface illumination reaches 200 Lux, the power density is only 3.5 to 4.0 W/m2.

(Below the national GB-2014 standard: 200LUX allows power density of 6.5 ~ 7.5w / m2)

The use of mercury-fixing technology in "fluorescent lighting" has been widely used to significantly reduce mercury pollution.

The power factor of fluorescent ballasted electronic ballasts has generally increased to above 0.95.

The light source, the electrical appliance and the lamp are well matched, and the illuminator system has high efficiency and low loss.

1.3.4 Fluorescent lighting "Outstanding cost performance, energy saving investment recovery period is short, high return rate

High-quality fluorescent lighting (light source + electrical + lighting) engineering price is only 3.5 ~ 4.0 yuan / W.

"Fluorescent lighting" has high energy efficiency and low investment, and the investment recovery period is 6-8 to 12 months.

“Fluorescent Lighting” is particularly suitable for implementing energy-saving retrofits with contract energy management.

(High power saving rate, energy saving effect is convenient for objective measurement, and the investment recovery period is short and effective. It can truly achieve zero investment and zero risk.)

2. Defects in the application of "Fluorescent Lighting" in industrial lighting and other fields

Traditional fluorescent lighting has obvious advantages, but its own defects are also prominent, and there are shortcomings in performance and application limitations, especially in the field of industrial lighting.

  Mainly in the following three aspects:

2.1 Fluorescent light source has low power and poor concentrating, which cannot meet the application requirements of high-bay lighting in industrial lighting.

Fluorescent lamp single lamp source power: straight tube type: 4w ~ 110w, compact type: 5w ~ 105w.

2.2 The life of fluorescent light source is generally 6000~8000h, which is far from the long-life light source;

The sub-ballast has a service life of 3 years and cannot meet the requirements of different markets.

2.3 The mercury pollution of the fluorescent light source in production and use affects its further application and promotion.

2.4 The high price of high-quality fluorescent lighting equipment greatly affects the cost performance of high-quality fluorescent lighting equipment.

The above four defects of fluorescent lamps. Greatly limit and influence applications in areas such as industrial lighting

In recent years, in the face of the continuous development of HID light sources and the rapid rise of various new light sources, the traditional "fluorescent lighting" leadership position is increasingly threatened.

3. Fluorescent light source is another structural innovation in the 21st century, comprehensively improving the performance of fluorescent lamps

In order to survive and develop, especially in the past ten years, "Fluorescent Lighting" has been developed for its shortcomings and limitations. Through continuous technological innovation, especially the structure of traditional compact fluorescent lamps, another innovative design has been developed to develop high Translucent spherical fluorescent lamps have comprehensively improved the performance of "fluorescent lamps" and enhanced the adaptability of applications in industrial lighting and other fields, and made breakthrough progress.

High-transmission spherical fluorescent lamps bring new breakthroughs, mainly in the following five aspects:

3.1 The structural innovation of the compact fluorescent light source has brought about a major breakthrough in technical performance.

China's self-developed high-transmission spherical fluorescent lamp has achieved a major breakthrough in the structure of the traditional compact fluorescent lamp. It adopts a three-dimensional structure of the unit lamp and combines the spherical shape to form a high-transmission spherical fluorescent lamp, as shown in the following figure.

The high-transmission spherical fluorescent lamp with uniform arrangement of the lamp along the spherical surface increases the spacing of the lamps, greatly improves the light utilization efficiency of the inner side of the lamp tube, improves the heat dissipation condition of the lamp tube, and matches the spherical fluorescent lamp with the general-purpose lamp, and overcomes the traditional compact fluorescent lamp ( U-type, H-type and spiral energy-saving lamps) three technical bottlenecks:

★The inner side light of the traditional compact fluorescent tube is blocked by the opposite lamp, and the light utilization rate is reduced (about 30%)

★The traditional compact fluorescent tube is densely arranged, the heat dissipation effect of the tube is poor, and the light output is reduced (about 30%).

★ Traditional compact fluorescent lamps, high-power U-shaped and spiral-type energy-saving lamps, and poor compatibility with general-purpose lamps.

The high light transmission spherical fluorescent lamp is a comprehensive light source with good performance in the field of fluorescent lamps. It has high power and spherical structure, good adaptability to lamps, high luminous efficiency, high light utilization efficiency, spherical illumination, high color rendering index, stable color temperature and consistency. Ten advantages, such as good, long life and high efficiency.

The breakthrough in the structure of the high-transmission spherical fluorescent lamp makes the working surface illumination and life of the light source nearly double that of the same power ordinary energy-saving lamp. Therefore, some users commented: "High-transmission spherical fluorescent lamps are a kind of super energy-saving lamps that are more energy-efficient than ordinary energy-saving lamps!".

3.2 Fluorescent light source single lamp power is greatly improved

The current main product of "Fluorescent Lighting" - the single lamp power of compact fluorescent lamps has been increased from about 60W a decade ago to 220W, while the power of the electrodeless fluorescent lamp has been able to achieve more than 400W.

The "fluorescent lighting" light source not only greatly increases the power of the single lamp, for example, the single lamp power of the high light transmission spherical fluorescent lamp has formed 18W, 24W, 36W, 48W, 65W, 95W, 110W, 130W, 150W, 180W, 200W and 220W, etc. Complete series of 12 specifications;

Ultra-high power and high-transmission spherical fluorescent lamp combined lamp can obtain more power sources such as:

Series products such as 3×95W (285W), 2×150W (300W) and 3×180W (540W).

The high-power high-transmission spherical fluorescent lamp can directly replace the high-power HID lamp, and it is applied in industrial lighting and other fields, and the effect is very good.

3.3 The life of fluorescent light source is doubled

The life of the "Fluorescent Lighting" source has been greatly improved, from only 6000 to 8000h to 13,000 to 15000h to 20000h. The high-transmission spherical fluorescent tube has an average service life of up to 20,000 hours, and the electronic ballast with fluorescent lamps has an average service life of more than 40,000 hours.

In particular, it should be pointed out that the patented technology has a long-life, high-transmission spherical fluorescent lamp product, and its switch impact life has exceeded 600,000 times in the laboratory. This technical invention indicates that the average service life of fluorescent lamps can reach 5~. 60,000 hours, this is a goal that can be achieved.

3.4 Fluorescent light source uses mercury instead of liquid mercury to effectively control the amount and pollution of mercury

The medium and high-end brand fluorescent lamps represented by high-power and high-transmission spherical fluorescent lamps have gradually adopted a new technology of mercury-alloy instead of liquid mercury, which effectively controls the amount of mercury in fluorescent lamps and meets the requirements of a new generation of green products that are both energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

3.5 "Fluorescent lighting" application field expansion, full access to industrial lighting and other fields, and successfully completed a batch of application samples

For a long time, "fluorescent lighting" due to the low power of the light source, the illuminating performance of the wide-illuminated luminaire is poor, and the hoisting height of the illuminating area is generally limited to 5m or less, and the application range is greatly limited.

The birth of high-power fluorescent lamps and the use of combined fluorescent lamps have enabled "fluorescent lighting" to allow the layer height of the working area to be extended to 8-20m.

"Fluorescent lighting" products have been able to cover most industrial lighting fields.

Because the fluorescent lamp is a low-temperature light source, coupled with a reliable special electronic ballast, the high-transmission spherical fluorescent lamp can be used in various sealed and explosion-proof special lamps, and matched with the light-emitting and road lamps.

Fluorescent lighting in the industrial lighting deepening energy-saving transformation of the model, for more than 10 years as a pioneer in the application of fluorescent lighting in industrial lighting, high-power high-transmission spherical fluorescent lamps have been in Shanghai Baosteel Group, SAIC, Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator, 3M China The company, the bridge textile, Baowan logistics, Shanghai port transportation and the western suburbs international agricultural products market and other multi-industry use, and has established nearly 100 application models, so that we have accumulated rich and successful experience in the field of industrial lighting!

Recommended sample 1:

Shanghai Baosteel's four lighting power-saving transformations under the concept of “collaborative and win-win” energy conservation and emission reduction, Baosteel's big hand holding Hailong small hand, Shanghai Baosteel and Shanghai Hailong closely cooperated, successfully completed in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2013 respectively. Baosteel's four industrial lighting power-saving transformations, and achieved satisfactory results, become a green lighting engineering model!

Shanghai Baosteel four lighting power saving transformation, implementation scope and power saving effect statistics

Shanghai Baosteel's four lighting power-saving renovation investment transformation costs, annual electricity savings and ten-year maintenance costs:

The transformation cost of Shanghai Baosteel's four lighting power-saving renovations totaled: about 11.1 million yuan.

Saving electricity every year: about 14.38 million yuan.

Ten years of payment for maintenance: a total of 5.1 million yuan.

Recommended template 2

Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Lighting Power Saving Reconstruction Project

Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd. has carried out many lighting and power-saving renovations from 2003 to 2013, and has become a key demonstration model for Shanghai's implementation of Green Lighting.

From 2003 to 2008, Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd. completed the first round of lighting energy-saving renovation with high-transmission spherical fluorescent lamps instead of high-energy HID lamps. Since 2009, the main reason is to improve the illumination quality and increase the working surface illumination and comfort. The goal was to carry out the second round of industrial lighting power-saving renovation, and the secondary lighting and energy-saving transformation have achieved outstanding economic and social benefits, and became the top ten key energy-saving model projects in Shanghai in 2008.

The quality analysis statistics table of fluorescent lighting products obtained by Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator for ten years (2003-2013):

The energy saving effect achieved by Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd. in ten years:

(1). Saving lighting power after renovation: about 620 kW.

(2). Saving electricity consumption after renovation: about 2 million KWh/year.

(3). Annual savings of standard coal: about 650 tons / year. (10 years to save 6500 tons of standard coal)

(4). Saving lighting electricity costs every year: about 1.6 million yuan / year. (10 years to save electricity costs 16 million yuan)

(5). The cost of lighting renovation for 10 years: about RMB 3 million, and the return on investment is high.

(6). Total maintenance costs for ten years : about 710,000 yuan.

The new breakthroughs in "Fluorescent Lighting" technology and applications have greatly improved the performance of "Fluorescent Lighting" and greatly expanded the application range in industrial lighting, thus truly improving the competitiveness of "Fluorescent Lighting" in industrial lighting. With a long and glorious history of "Fluorescent Lighting", it has a new vitality!


In recent years, the company has successfully developed a centralized power supply innovation technology, adding an innovation to fluorescent lighting technology and applications (another article). The high-transmission spherical fluorescent lamp adopts the centralized power supply innovation technology, which further improves the safety and reliability of the high-transmission spherical fluorescent lamp, obtains an extremely long service life, and greatly reduces the engineering cost of the lighting equipment, and can be well in the field of industrial lighting. The ground meets the market demand for deepening industrial lighting energy-saving renovation.

The current "fluorescent lighting" in the new century, through nearly 15 years of continuous technological innovation, especially

The neon tube structure adopts the three-dimensional high-transmission spherical fluorescent lamp technology innovation;

研制Fluorescent light long life, high reliability electronic ballast developed successfully;

The innovative mode of centralized power supply for high-transmission spherical fluorescent lamps has been successfully developed.

The new three major innovative technological achievements have made a major breakthrough in the performance indicators, manufacturing and application of fluorescent lighting technology, which has pushed fluorescent lighting technology to a new height. The advantages of "fluorescent lighting" in the field of lighting are still not only Exist, and climb new heights in constant innovation!


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