LED alarm clock that can charge iPhone, you deserve it!

This LED alarm clock with USB output, in addition to displaying time in a cool way, also has a very practical function - it can charge the phone!
With the development of technology, the functions of electronic devices in daily life have become more and more complicated. Our phones can handle hundreds of tasks, and the mouse is not just for moving the cursor on the screen. Even the alarm clock is not just used to show time and wake us up in the morning.
LED alarm clock that can charge iPhone
Just like this LED alarm clock with USB output, it has a very useful function. Usually, when we want to charge the phone, we have a separate charger, plug it into a wall outlet, and charge it all night. And this convenient alarm clock can save people the trouble of finding another power jack.
The design of this alarm clock is very simple, the current time is displayed in red on the LED screen, you can set the time when the alarm will wake you up. If the power is interrupted, the three AA batteries can continue to supply power so that you won't get in the morning. Most importantly, the device comes with two USB ports that can be used to charge all devices that use USB ports, such as mobile phones and tablets. This product is priced at $78.

Electronic Burglary Safes 

Electronic burglary Safes are safes that have passed Chinese 3C certification and use digital password lock systems.


They are convenient, safe and easy to use;

The safes provide high levels of security;

The Passwords can be changed easily to prevent theft and they`re also quite convenient for official usage because the personnel turnover in the office is normal, hence changing passwords is necessary;

3 times wrong passwords will cause alarm;

 The emergency supply can be used when the electricity is off or in case of a black out or EMP Surge;

They possess elegant designs hence they not only provide protection but also serve as decoration pieces.

Electronic Burglary Safe

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