LED industry, companies who have "money" way?

By chance, a friend of the LED lighting industry media contacted the author. After the guest on the phone, he added QQ. On QQ, he asked a question that the author had pondered for a long time: those LED companies with a registered capital of several hundred thousand, their annual turnover is more than 100 million? Your company's turnover should be tens of billions, right?

This friend may have just stepped into the LED lighting industry, but the speaker is unintentional, listening to intentions. It is no wonder that the current rumors of LED lighting companies' annual turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars are indeed rampant. According to incomplete statistics, there are close to 4,000 LED companies in China. As a result, China's LED production should top the world. But it is not the case, where is it?

The use of LEDs as lighting fixtures is indeed a great feat. In today's increasingly energy-intensive environment, it is so effective to develop new energy sources. Even with new energy sources, energy-saving actions are advancing with the times. Let's take a look at the irreplaceable advantages of LED lighting:

1. Solid light source plus PC or metal casing, solid and durable, stable and shockproof, convenient for transportation and installation. We don’t have to worry about getting up and installing lighting fixtures;

Second, high efficiency and energy saving, only a small amount of electricity is needed to make more light. Today, when prices are skyrocketing, there are holes in life that need to be filled with money. It is possible to save the province and why not;

Third, the long service life. Exaggeratedly, although the LED lighting time may not be enough for the LED parameters to say that the service life is up to 50,000 hours, but friends who have used LED lights should know that your LED lighting is not artificial, is it broken? ?

Fourth, the color rendering index is high, intuitive and clear, no flash frequency. I often sigh, when I was a child, I went to school and read the lights at night. I felt that the words under the candle light were so clearly visible. Later, when I used incandescent lamps, I felt the candle light was so shaking. Then I used fluorescent lights and found the night. It is no longer at night. Nowadays, LED lights are used, and it is only found that this incandescent lamp can't be used anyway at night.

5. No harmful substances or radiation. LED lighting is a product of the new era, and it is also developed under the encouragement of the government. Therefore, LED lamps are very particular in terms of material selection, and there is no harmful substance. The source spectrum is also a band determined by multiple measurements, and there is no radiation.

Sixth, the addition of LED lamps will be more user-friendly design. At present, many LED companies' products are designed for wide voltage, with lightning protection, over current, over voltage, short circuit overload protection and so on. Even if it is not properly operated, there will be no flashing lights, resulting in poisoning of heavy metals or rare gases. With contrast, I know what is safe and happy!

The above points are entirely from the perspective of consumers. With such product advantages, and China's market with nearly 1.4 billion people, the opportunity to make money should be a lot. The key issue is here, and this is why the LED media friend asked me this question.

However, many people only see the market space of LED lighting, and then people are clouded, wave by wave, everything to "money"!

As the saying goes, I can't eat hot tofu. With a large chunk of hot tofu, you can't eat it. It is undeniable that many LED companies have been "stuck". There are two reasons for being "stuck":

First, technology.

In fact, LED products are a double-edged sword. If you do well, you will make money. If you don't do well, you will lose money. The author once wrote an article "The 下 under LED lighting", briefly outlined the main technical problems in the current LED lighting field. The problem is yes, but the method is always more difficult than it is. However, many companies do not have long-term plans, research and development can not keep up, the creation of the old class, for a long time, the gods will be exhausted.

What's more, waiting for the state to give policy, the wind is moving, and it is rushing. Experience tells us that any one of the "national actions" can be lifted up, and brands that have no selling points can only hope to sigh, and no longer.

Second, the market.

It’s not a good thing to blindly occupy the market. The profit of the company has a great relationship with the market. However, there are not many examples of sparrows eating peas, and “there is no way to get out”. In fact, it is not the bigger the market, the better. Many small country LED companies have done very well in their countries, but their country's population is not as large as our province's population. Why?

In addition, companies should choose their own advantages to develop the market. Put all the products to the market, the advantages and disadvantages, make money and lose money, the company has only break even, even at a loss. The choice of superior products to attack the market is the most sensible choice. Today, the world's top 500 "Shell" companies, and "Shell"'s main products are lubricants, not all oil products. Be sure to make the market clear, the world is big, the customer base is too much, to find out which ones are their own, don't eat the bowl and look at the pot.

Bitter coffee also has its own value, perhaps the tricky thing is higher! There is no practical skill, opportunistic, and not far.

LED lighting companies should remember: the future of the LED industry does not mean that all LED companies have a "money" way!

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