Nissan Sumitomo Electric's first mass production technology for 2" GaN substrates for green lasers

Following the development of a native green laser technology with a wavelength of 531 nm that can be applied to laser TVs and portable laser projectors in 2009, Sumitomo Electric has recently developed its own H-VPE (hydride vapor phase epitaxy). Manufacturing technology, successfully developed semi-polar and non-polar gallium nitride (GaN) substrates that can be used for native (direct) green lasers, up to 2 inches in size, and dislocation density up to 10 . The substrate will effectively enhance the performance of green lasers and white LEDs.

It is reported that the current manufacturing technology can only produce rectangular GaN substrates of several mm or so. Sumitomo's GaN substrate breaks through the bottleneck of this mass-produced component, even if it is comparable to the crystal face of the currently mass-produced GaN substrate.

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All the ferrous metal should be hot-dip galvanized.

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Suspension Clamp

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