LeTV and Xiaomi’s smart TVs are the most cost-effective, why not be the first choice for purchase?

The word “cost-effectiveness” is the development of Xiaomi in the field of mobile phones. Now that it is extended to the field of smart TV, whether it is a real “cost-effectiveness” or not, the first impression given is the representative manufacturer of the word. The music as the main "hardware free" theory, talking about cost-effective, perhaps less than Xiaomi.

Although these two brands of smart TVs are cost-effective, why do most users buy TVs but do not prefer these two brands, except for young people who often use the Internet? According to analysis, the biggest reason is that there is no confidence in the after-sales services of the two vendors.

In simple terms, smart TVs are slow to replace, and the main use is display content. As long as the display effect is good and there is no failure, it will not necessarily need to be replaced in 10 years and 8 years. And if something goes wrong, then the more secure brand after the sale is obviously more reassuring. Therefore, under the same price, it will inevitably pick the relevant parameters of the TV itself, workmanship, and better after-sales service. Internet TV brands such as LeTV and Xiaomi cannot compete with traditional TV brands in terms of workmanship and sales, but they are better than cheap ones. This is one of the main reasons why Internet TV brands can gain a share in the market. But for consumers, do you have to choose one? Not!

At present, the top three brands in the ranking of Internet TV in China are LeTV, Kukai and Xiaomi. Kukai is very different from LeTV and Xiaomi. Not only does it have the genes of traditional TV makers, but also the thinking of Internet TV manufacturers. At the same time, in terms of after-sales, Cool Open has a distance advantage of 15 times that of other two companies.

On the cost-effectiveness, the same as the Internet brand, Cool open compared to the other two are worse. To cool open just released 43K2 cool contrast 43-inch millet TV 3S, both with 8GB large memory, cool open also equipped with a true 64-bit 4K 1.5GHz processor, and millet is 32-bit 1.45GHz processor; image processor, cool open is used Mali-720 MP2 specifications, millet is Mali-450 MP4 specifications; price cool open 43K2 only 1699 yuan, 3 inch millet TV 3S is 1799 yuan. Regardless of which aspect it is, Coolo is better. So when it comes to cost-effectiveness alone, Kukai has a lot to do with other internet brands.

(Cool open 43K2 new products)

In terms of after-sales services that TV users value most, CoolCool is even more obvious. Since Coocaa is an independent sub-brand under Skyworth, its core strengths are based on Skyworth's overall resource integration capabilities and 28 years of TV industry strength. Whether it is the definition of product production or the understanding of TV users, including after-sales service systems, Accumulated a lot of experience, these are not simply like Xiaomi, music as Internet TV brands can match.

Only the focus of this article's discussion - after sales, cool open to share Skyworth's nationwide 4,950 after-sales service outlets, and music as the country's only 341 after-sales service outlets, millet is even less, the support of millet TV sales is only national More than 20 millet homes. The gap between the three is about 15 times the size of the gap in its strength is evident.

Of course, the final choice of products is still in the hands of users, the key depends on what they value the most. After all, TV is considered to be a large family, although the current price and cabbage are generally, but when buying is still a comprehensive consideration. Perhaps it is also the result of comprehensive consideration by users. In the year of independent independence last year, Coolopen was able to ship more than one million units a year, ranking second in terms of annual shipments of Internet TV brands.

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