Millet box system problems? A minute to help you easily solve!

Recently I saw small friends who have feedback on the stalemate of the millet box and installed security software that causes the system to fail and the system to passively upgrade. In fact, I would like to say that these are all well resolved. At the same time, other minor problems can also try to use this method to repair their own, do not have to wait for the results of returning to the factory, do not have to go hard to the millet home, we can also become millet engineers!
First of all, we have to understand the following issues:

One, what is Shuangqing

Shuangqing, also known as dual WIPE, is an Android system's method of restoring the system's initial state, that is clearing the cache and clearing user data, a simple understanding is a more thorough "restore factory settings", clear the cache is to clear your box Installed software, cache generated during the operation, etc. Clearing user data is to clear everything you have set up for the millet box, such as WIFI settings.

Second, what is the use of Shuangqing:

Just now, Shuangqing is an enhanced version of the “restore factory settings.” When the box encounters issues such as software conflicts, excessive buffering, and misinstalled software, it can be used when the system becomes unresponsive or crashes. After use, the box will recover. To the initial state, it is the same as the system that was just bought back. At this time, most of the problems caused by the system are solved fundamentally.

Third, what is Xiaomi dual system:

Millet dual system is system 1 and system 2, individuals understand the formal system and the replacement system, the purpose is to switch to system 2 to continue to use after one of the system is damaged or crashed, and the two systems are used interchangeably, such as being used The system is 1, the replacement system is system 2, we encounter an official upgrade, this time system 1 will automatically become system 2, system 2 will be directly upgraded to the latest version, at the same time into system 1, to continue to use, so even if the upgrade Failure, it will not affect the use of the normal system.

Fourth, use method

Let's take a look at the system problems. How do we clear the system and switch the system? First, we need to unplug the power supply of the millet box.

Second, we press the home button and menu button, that is, the small house and the three horizontal keys, and insert the power at the same time (this step suggests that two people get together, because the millet remote control uses infrared, you need to aim at the infrared port, if It is recommended that you plug in the power port immediately and press the Home and Menu keys, but the interval time should not be too long.

Third, you can release the Home and Menu keys until the style shown in the figure below appears. At this time, there are four options, namely restart, clear cache, clear user data, and clear all data.

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Fourthly, if you only need to switch the system, click on the first item, restart, and then select the system you want to enter. The system you are using will be marked (recently), and the buddies will select the option with no recent words and wait for the system. Restart to complete

Here is the version 1.3.34D upgrade to 1.3.40D, this time want to back to 1.3.34D simply switch to another system, the version will come back

Sixth, if you only need to clear the software and cache in the box, simply clear the cache. If you need to reset the settings, clear the user data. It is recommended that you directly clear the file and start over.

A. Mixer Beater (s/s)                                                   

B. Mixer whisk (s/s)                                                     

C. Potato masher                                                          

D.550ml measure cup                                              

F. 700ml measure cup                                             

G.350ml chopper                                                       

H.700ml Chopper with non-slip base

I. Fine slicer & Julienne Disc, Rough slicer & Julienne Disc, Shred Disc.(For 700ml chopper use only)     

J. Knife Sharpener                                                       

K. Wall mounting                                                            

L. Bracket 

General specifications

Base speed: 2                      Detachable shaft: lock & unlock sign

 LED light: No                       Speed setting: 2


Technical specifications

Power: 400W                      Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Voltage: 220-240V                 Cord length: 1.2 m


Design specifications

Material body: ABS                  Surface finishing: injected color

Material rod: Stainless steel          Material blade: Stainless steel                 

Material measure cup & chopper: SAN

Dishwasher attachments: Yes





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