Skyworth TV Caton 【Solution】 2: One-button acceleration

TV Caton Solution II: One-click acceleration.

After Skyworth TV has been used for a long time, it often appears that the system runs slowly, takes a long time to switch on and off, and uses software to freeze. At this time, users can use the one-click acceleration function of Skyworth TV to solve this problem. The one-click acceleration function of Skyworth TV is almost the same as the one-button acceleration function on mobile phones and computers. All of these are to release system resources and improve the speed of products.

Skyworth TV main interface

Open the My Apps option in Skyworth TV's main page of choice, and click to enter.

Skyworth TV My Application Interface

Skyworth TV Management Interface

My application interface, select the management options, click the one-click acceleration function icon.

Skyworth TV One Button Acceleration

After selecting one-button acceleration, Skyworth TV will automatically clean up memory, optimize the system, and optimize network operations.

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