130 million holdings Shanghai Blu-ray Rainbow Group enters semiconductor lighting

Theme: The strategic transformation of Industry Rainbow Group has entered a new phase. Yesterday, this China's largest and the world's third largest color picture tube company in Shanghai announced that it has invested in the domestic LED company Shanghai Blu-ray Technology to enter the semiconductor lighting (LED) industry, which can be said to be a high-profile entry into the LED industry. .

Zhang Shaowen revealed that the Rainbow has invested a total of 130 million yuan in Blu-ray Technology, which is worth 1% of the shares. Zhang Shaowen said that the global LED lighting market has an annual growth rate of 14%, and will reach 7.2 billion US dollars in 2009. The annual growth rate of China's LED industry is over 30%. In 2010, the market size will reach 28 billion yuan. Blu-ray technology currently has only 5 production lines, and after the rainbow injection, it will add 5 production lines. Zhang Shaowen said that in 2008, the production capacity of Blu-ray technology will be mentioned to 150 million pieces per month, and in 2010 it will increase to 250 million pieces.

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