Most of the merchants in Jilin Lianxiang Home City withdraw from the market

Recently, when reporters visited Jilin Lianxiang Home City, they found that more than half of the merchants here have withdrawn from the market, and the popularity index in the market is falling. And why did the original upgraded company present such a scene?
It is understood that Jilin Lianxiang Home City was upgraded from Jilin Mall. Jilin Mall was originally a subsidiary of Jilin Industrial and Commercial Bureau. Because the government department could not participate in business operations, it sold the mall to a boss in Shanghai. After the Shanghai boss took over, the business ideas of Lianxiang Home City changed. In addition to the comprehensive renovation and upgrade, and the restrictions on the opening conditions, the original few square meters can be opened, now at least 20 square meters, virtually invisible The store opening cost of the merchant. Moreover, after the renovation and upgrading, it became the most high-end home market in Jilin City. This was a good thing. Then, the market did not consider the local consumption power. The market of “lighting up” brought some visual pressure to many small and medium-sized families. This makes this part of the consumer group discouraged. Coupled with the timely publicity of several other emerging markets, it has broken down the original popularity of Jilin Mall.

According to Sun Guoli, the lighting decoration of the market, the former Jilin Mall is a subordinate enterprise of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. The people trust the market. Together with Jilin Shopping Mall, it is the earliest building decoration market in Jilin City. Over time, it has become the most popular in Jilin City. In the market, merchants are so busy every day that they don't have time to eat at lunch. Even the screws that are equipped with lights are selling at the time. It is also common for several customers to fight for a lamp. However, after the market upgrade, it not only increases the operating costs of the merchants, but also imposes certain restrictions on the products operated by the merchants. In addition, the market does not pay attention to its own propaganda, making the business of the merchants more and more difficult, and more than half of the merchants have already Move or close the door.

According to the merchants, since they have stayed in the market for many years and have feelings for the market, they hope that the market will pay attention to the popularity, reduce the rent or increase the investment in advertising, but the market not only does not agree, but also feels that the merchant It is threatening them, making the disappointing merchants more and more, and the retreating merchants are gradually increasing. Sun Guoli revealed that if the market conditions do not improve within half a year, he will also consider moving. In addition, according to Yan Baochang of Auxo Lighting, he witnessed the popularity of Jilin Mall and moved it. It didn’t take long for the market sentiment to decline. During this period of time, the movement of a large number of merchants has made the market more bleak than ever before. There are only a handful of people who come in and buy lights every day.


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