Interview with Marco (Photo), Director of Lighting Design, Fion, Italy

[Moderator]: Thank you very much for accepting our interview! How many times have you participated in this exhibition?

[Marco]: The first time.

[Moderator]: What is your biggest feeling of 17173 for this exhibition?

[Marco]: The elements of our lights are very modern, and there are many inspirational factors combined. Therefore, it is more in line with modernization.

[Moderator]: Can you briefly introduce the main products and new design concepts of this year's goodfeel?

[Marco]: (Refer to the on-site exhibits) The styles on the side and the ones here are all new, and the material made there is crystal, here is the glass, and the concept of the front is injected into the design, like the elbow The strange shapes are injected into the design works at the forefront. The design of our focus real estate network is more modern and fashionable.

Lighting Design Director Marco
[Moderator]: At the same time, it is relatively simple.

[Marco]: It's more fashionable, more attractive and more creative.

[Moderator]: What do you think of China's lighting market?

[Marco]: I think the lighting market is very good in China. Originally, the lamp was only used as a lighting tool. Now it is more diversified and more people come to China to trade. Therefore, I came from Italy as a designer and thought The Chinese market is doing bigger and better.

[Moderator]: What do you think are the advantages of Fion's focus on home furnishing products in similar products?

[Marco]: First of all, introduce the development of Fion, because we are in the market consumer design concept, our design style is very good in the early stage. Therefore, the selling point is more attractive first.

Second, it is more suitable for consumers to focus on decorating the home network.

third. We have a complete set of perfect systems, and quality is the focus.

I think these aspects are the advantages that lead the market.

[Moderator]: Do you like China?

[Marco]: Yes, I really like Chinese goodfeel movies, like China's cities, like Beijing and Shanghai.

[Moderator]: Do you think there is a big gap between the current lighting industry in China and the international lighting industry?

[Marco]: Now the Chinese market has entered the international market. For example, many Europeans are also working here. That is to say, the international market and the Chinese market are integrated, and the gap will become smaller and smaller, and the market will become more and more it is good.

[Moderator]: Thank you very much for accepting our interview with!


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