Urban night lighting construction and design should adhere to unified planning

Reshaping the night image of the city landscape with lights is an important manifestation of the city's economic development. At present, the night scenes of many cities are like the ocean of lights. The requirements for lighting, art level and cultural taste are relatively high. As a developing city, the city should adhere to the principle of building in accordance with the unified plan when constructing and designing urban night lighting.

Urban night lighting is a systematic project that includes urban buildings, structures, streets, roads, bridges, parks, green spaces, city rivers and water surfaces, outdoor advertising and urban ancillary facilities such as bus stops and telephone booths. The illumination of the newspaper kiosk and the public sign can only form a harmonious and beautiful night scene by coordinating and organically combining the night lighting of these landscape elements. That is to say, the overall planning of urban night lighting is a general consideration or planning of the function and artistry of a city's regions, scenic spots, scenic spots and scenery lighting. According to the status, function, characteristics and other factors of the urban landscape elements, the artistic style, lighting level and lighting color of the framing elements are set macroscopically into a complete lighting system, which serves as the basis for the construction of the city night scene.

Planning is to build the city's nightscape lighting with its own characteristics. Only by adhering to the principle of planning construction, that is, under the guidance of the night lighting plan that reflects the city's cityscape image characteristics, can we avoid waste and seek urban night lighting. Get better overall results and make the city night illumination into a healthy and orderly development track.

In order to implement the principle of building according to the plan, the following points should be achieved:

First, it is necessary to formulate a special plan for urban night lighting on the basis of the overall urban planning, and strictly implement the plan. When formulating and implementing a plan, the planning and positioning must be accurate and not generalized. The planning model should be designed according to the current popular regional image, so that the planning truly reflects the image characteristics of the city and its political, economic, cultural, historical, geographical and cultural landscape.

Second, the plan should have a clear goal and highlight the key points of construction. Generally speaking, there are not many scenic spots or scenic spots that reflect the characteristics of the city. Take Beijing as an example. The planning takes the construction of the Tiananmen area and the north-south axis of Beijing City and the iconic nightscape project on the east-west axis of Chang'an Street. The city can take the development of Shahe River and the Weihe River as an opportunity to build the nightscape project as the key point, and strive to reflect the characteristics of the riverside river, and achieve the effect of water, water, and water, just like Qinhuai in Nanjing. Like the night view of the river, it has become a famous scenery both at home and abroad, letting people mention the Weihe River and think of the beautiful night view of the Shaying River.

Third, the plan should propose an organizational management model, implementation plan and corresponding policy measures for the construction of night lighting. This is a necessary condition for the implementation of the plan.


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