Establish a new standard for lighting-grade LED brightness and efficiency

Cree, a supplier of LED solid-state lighting components, has announced that XLamp LEDs (minimum luminous flux of 350 lm at 350 mA) can be mass-produced, setting new standards for brightness and efficiency of lighting-grade LEDs.

XLamp LED performance has improved 100% in 17 months, compared to the previous generation XLamp LED, the new generation of XLamp LEDs increased brightness by 25%, or 55% increase in brightness under the same efficiency . In addition, the new XLamp LED retains the same package as the previous generation, thus protecting the customer's design investment.

Robert Steele of Strategies Unlimited said that the commercialization of such high-performance products will definitely accelerate the transition of the lighting market to solid-state lighting sources.

Norbert Hiller, vice president and general manager of Cree, said that this is a mass production announcement, not a research or development or a small batch of viable declarations. These LEDs enable lighting manufacturers to manufacture luminaires with fewer LEDs than previously, reducing initial product cost and energy consumption.

Cree products greatly advance the quality and performance of solid state lighting, energy and communications products. The company's strength in the market lies in its advanced and professional material technology, such as the application of silicon carbide and gallium nitride on chips and packaging instruments, which can handle larger volumes in smaller volumes than other technologies, materials and products. The power and solve the problem of overheating.

Cree extends their advanced technology to a wide range of applications, including brighter and more tunable options for general lighting, more vibrant color effects for LED backlight displays, and high-current power switching devices and variable speed motors. The best benefits and make wireless data and voice communication infrastructure more efficient. Cree's customer base is extensive, from innovative lighting manufacturers to defense-related organizations.

Cree's product range includes blue and green LED chips, LEDs for lighting, LED backlight solutions, switching power supply devices, and RF/radio devices.

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