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Northwest Interview

Winning the market by brand, quality and service Pan Shengma, general manager of Urumqi Dahongyun Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

At present, the largest lighting store in Xinjiang is Dahongyun Light City, which has more than 1,300 square meters. The main brands of the agency are Kaiyuan, Hailing, Ayaka, Wenlian, Baotian, Third Space, Taichang Sunshine, Dongpu, and Amma. 10 brands including Yihui. Dahongyun Light City began to make big stores when it moved to Hualing New Market in 2004. It mainly wanted to create a comfortable lighting environment and enhance market competitiveness through big stores. Since then, it has become bigger and bigger. Now, regardless of the scale and image, it is already the best in the local area. It has brought together many excellent brands in the first line, occupying the local market highland, and the flow of people continues to increase. rise.

Pan believes that the management of large stores is focused on management. Because all the brands of the big store agents should be developed well, not only must the staff be allocated well, but also the coordinated development. The enthusiasm of each link must be fully mobilized to be able to radiate vitality and lead the market. Improve the disadvantages of large store inventory and large amount of funds.

As for the biggest difficulty in operating a big store, it is a shortage of professional sales talent. To this end, the Great Fortune Light City not only invited the lecturer to give lectures to the staff, but also recruited outstanding talents on the basis of the original, and established a sales elite team of more than 20 people.

Generally speaking, as long as the funds are abundant, from the perspective of market development, the risk of big store operations is not great. Because the big stores operate many excellent brands and products, they can meet the needs of consumers. No matter what products in the market develop well, big stores can face them with ease. In the business, first choose a good brand to support, in order to show a good image. Over the years, Dahongyun Light City has always insisted on branding, quality is the same as the sales magic weapon, but also through free shipping installation, free cleaning once (crystal lamp) and other after-sales service to increase added value, it is excellent brand, excellent Quality and quality service have retained consumers and won valuable market

Big store management is also a brand

Xiang Yan, General Manager of Xi'an Yangming Lighting

At the beginning of 2003, Xiang Yan rented a 150-square-meter store in Xi'an Guangcai Lighting City and began to represent Marais lighting products. At that time, due to inexperience, earning thousands of dollars every month was very hard. How to do? Some friends said that the product grade is not enough, so Xiang Yan nodded all the business products into high-end lighting. This change is good, the profit is up, but it has not been operating for a long time and has encountered a bottleneck - the store is weak, and it is always in the heart to make people feel uncomfortable. Later, when I had the opportunity, I asked the market management department to ask for an increase in the storefront. So Xiang Yan and her husband invested more than 3 million yuan to build the Xi'an first home lighting brand Yang Ming Lighting, which finally showed the brand new and powerful appearance in the ancient capital of Xi'an. before.

Along the way, General Manager Xiang Yan was quite touched. She believes that operating a big store has several advantages:

First, the lighting products are complete and the price is uniform. In terms of product display and dealer selection, we can try to allocate according to the brand positioning and market attributes of each brand product;

Second, it can form an internal competition mechanism. In terms of channel promotion, different brands are responsible for their independent marketing teams, and link team performance with brand marketing performance, service quality and other factors to form an internal benign competitive environment;

Third, focus on core competitiveness. For those partners whose product types are too complicated, the products with the most potential for development are the distribution targets, and the manufacturers are encouraged to focus on developing advantageous varieties to form core products and core competitiveness;

Fourth, take a corporatized operation. This is something that a small store can't do;

Fifth, good at refining to form a clear business philosophy. Yangming Lighting is a business philosophy that stands at the forefront of Xi'an lighting industry and creates a relaxed shopping environment of professionalism, service, quality and life. It has been constantly improving and constantly improving.

Since 2005, Yang Ming Lighting has also upgraded from both hardware and software. First of all, the regional layout of the store has been adjusted accordingly, so that each district and each category can fully display its unique style and taste, and can match and contrast each other to show a nearly perfect overall effect. Secondly, improve the layout of the store, so that the overall image and atmosphere of the store are adjusted to be more humane and professional. Thirdly, the business brand has been repositioned and adjusted accordingly, giving way to famous brands such as Dafeng Lighting, Kaiyuan Lighting and Puglia. Fourth, the most important thing is to strengthen employee training and comprehensively improve employees' business knowledge, service awareness, business skills and service quality. Xiang Yan believes that the hard work of the past two years is about to be harvested, and 2007 will be a year for Yang Ming Lighting to achieve greater breakthroughs.

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