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Status and trends of the lighting industry

With the rapid development of the national economy, the people's living standards have been continuously improved; the lighting industry has also entered a stage of rapid development, and the market capacity and market scale have continued to expand. The growth rate is as high as 23% year-on-year; exceeding the growth rate of GDP, the development prospect of the lighting industry is bright; the lighting industry is in an integration stage, the stronger the stronger, the weaker the weaker, the polarization will become more and more obvious; Under the trend of increasing market capacity, whoever can form a large-scale operation in a short period of time will surely seize the dominant position of the market; the product line will continue to widen, and the speed of new products will be greatly accelerated; commercial lighting enterprises will be developing products. Admiral will continue to develop in terms of lightness, energy saving and environmental protection; brand operation is the trend of the times.

In recent years, the environment of the lighting market has undergone great changes. The rising prices of raw materials will make the situation of low-priced and low-quality enterprises more difficult. The industry reshuffle campaign has already started, and low-priced products will be eliminated. Brand operation is the trend of the times; marketing techniques will be developed in the direction of promoting sales through brands and branding products. Commercial lighting merchants will pay more attention to the depth, popularity, reputation and brand value and strength of brand building; while invisible channels such as design institutes, decoration companies and chain stores will become more and more important in the commercial lighting market. In order to comply with the trend of market development, commercial lighting should focus on the rapid upgrading of products, brand building, further promotion of internationalization, and acquisition of core technologies of electric light sources.

Lake's strategy and planning

The strategic goal of Lake's next five years is to make Leike Lighting a well-known brand in the country; to become the most promising commercial lighting company in China.

In order to achieve this strategic goal as soon as possible and realize the leap from regional brands to national brands and international brands, Lake will follow the following development ideas. Implement brand strategy, adhere to the road of independent innovation, self-development, and brand-name; get rid of the price war in the lighting industry. While leading the trend of the lighting industry, it is our responsibility to revitalize the national industry. First of all, we are committed to the creation of the "light harmony pioneer" and "create and light the world with our heart!"

The second is to take the road of scale development. In the five years since 2002, one can clearly see the rule that the competition axis of the entire industry has clearly shifted from manufacturing- and product-centric competition to brand- and market-based competition. The key to competition is scale. Scale is the last word. Without scale, there is no right to speak. In this context, if technology, innovation, quality, and quality leave the scale and scale, no matter how refined, it may be marginalized.

The third is the world, the channel is the first. While expanding its production scale and creating sophisticated products, Lectra has continuously increased its efforts and speed in developing domestic and foreign markets. At present, Lake products have been exported to many countries and regions. Under the premise that the marketing network has spread all over the country, this year, Leike established operation centers in five provinces and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Jiangsu and Zhejiang; as a key market, intensive cultivation. The operation center is not only a window for sales management, but also a local logistics and service platform. This platform has the following four functions: product distribution, brand service, sales and market management, maintaining regional order and market order within the prescribed scope of authority.

As the company continues to grow, the scale of sales continues to expand; we adjust the company's existing organizational structure. In the future, Lake will rank the R&D center, manufacturing center and marketing center as the three major work centers. Through the implementation of the three steps of “good product – good enterprise – good brand”, we will take the lead in the upcoming industry reshuffle and build Lake into the most promising commercial lighting enterprise in China.

Manufacturer-to-business relationship

The relationship between manufacturers and merchants is a strategic partnership of mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win. To achieve strategic goals and become the most promising commercial lighting company in China, extensive and mutually beneficial cooperation is needed. Rick is very clear that in order to achieve lasting competitiveness, in order to achieve continuous success, we must fully consider the interests of our partners, take the market as the center, and put the interests of our customers first. The core is "how to make customers easily earn Money"; "How to make our partners' pockets really bulge."

In terms of support for merchants, we must first lead the product, novel style, and lead the trend; secondly, we must improve the supply system, logistics distribution system and customer service system of the company's products as soon as possible, and provide customers with fast, perfect, and timely Attentive product supply and after-sales service. In the whole business strategy, in addition to doing the above work; we will provide customers with a successful business model through strict management mechanisms and favorable market support, and formulate planning and promotion plans based on the actual situation of the local market.

Dealers should also change their mindsets, change the business model of the past business, use an innovative perspective to look at the development of this industry, take the initiative to find a market entry point. At the same time, we also hope that dealers will actively promote the brand and image of Leike in the process of market sales, safeguard the interests of the company, and timely feedback all kinds of information of the market to us, providing a basis for new product development and marketing. .

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