At present, smart TV rankings TOP1: It is absolutely worthy but accompanied by loud noises? !

It's definitely a good time for people who want to buy TV. why do you say so? One is that the LCD panel has risen from the hot trend of last year's rise, and finally began to descend the rhythm of decline, while the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day, and businesses have begun to cut prices, which can be described as a "double price" it! When do you not buy a TV when you buy it? And there is also a small point, that is, do not have to bother to consider buying what brand to buy TV, recently announced the 2017 (23rd) 100 Chinese brand value research report, what brand to buy, in this selection is not good enough! Among them, in the color TV industry, TCL can be said to be completely unique, leading the color TV industry can be described as absolute leader! According to TCL's own sales data report, in the first half of 2017 alone, 9.905 million units were sold on its own LCD TVs, and 6.158 million smart TVs were sold, an increase of nearly 36.7%! Bringing out the TVs sold can really circle the earth. It has also been rated as the fastest growing TV brand in the United States for the third consecutive year (the third largest US shipment of TCL TVs in the first half of 2017). Do not say the data, you really do not know TCL strength is so strong! If you say that the top TOP1 smart TV is TCL, do you think it is worthwhile? Or is it a name? Or is NO.1 in your mind the top one in domestic sales? Hisense? Xiaobian said today, which brand is better? Perhaps TCL can be considered as the first brand, Xiao Bian then recommend what brand of TV? In addition to TCL can consider the brand, there is no TV worthy of it? TCL D55A630U 55 inches Selling point: ultra-thin metal body 30 nuclear HDR 4K ultra-clear smart TV Reference price: 3299.00 yuan Configuration: 64-bit 30-core chip A53 architecture, 1.8GHz CPU, slim body, 4K+HDR, 1.5GB RAM+8G flash memory............ TCL D55A630U this smart TV can be described as very delicate, 11 mm slim fuselage, all-metal body, using 7 major processes, 51 procedures, texture and color value are very good; also supports full ecological HDR, superb quality, Rich interfaces, built-in Tencent video content, and easy-to-use operating system TV+OS... meet all your expectations for TV... Millet TV 4 55 inch Selling point: 4.9mm ultra-thin high-end flagship TV, 4K HDR ultra-high definition image quality, PatchWall artificial intelligence voice upgrade, Dolby, DTS audio double decoding Reference price: 3999 yuan Configuration: original Samsung screen, 64-bit Cortex A53 quad-core 1.8GHz CPU, Mali-T830 MP2 up to 750MHz GPU, 2GB memory + 8GB flash memory, dual-band dual antenna, BLE low-power Bluetooth... Millet TV 4 ultra-thin body, nearly 4.9mm, ultra-narrow "borderless" design with the original Samsung imported flat, Yan value really leveraged, not only so the configuration is not bad, there is also a child mode, advanced Artificial intelligence voice is also a bright spot, the reason why Xiao Bian will push, first, the work and quality of the millet TV is really good, and second, the millet TV should be regarded as the first price reduction with the panel price reduction brand, be considered more conscientious ~ three Really was the stunning value of Xiaomi TV 4! Hisense LED55EC720US 55 inches Selling point: ultra-thin 4K metal body Reference price: 3999 yuan Configuration: quad-core 64-bit A53 architecture CPU, six-core Mail450 GPU, 2GB RAM + 16GB flash memory, 4K HDR support, Dolby DD+, DTS audio decoding... Hisense TV uses ultra-narrow side metal design, all metal body through CNC diamond cutting process, metal wire drawing process texture is very good, all metal body display highlights the process beauty, using three-dimensional color reproduction technology, HDR contrast enhancement technology, support for all channels HDR decoding, exquisite graphics, restore the true nature of the world, personalized operating system is simple, as a whole speaking as the annual sales ranked first in the country's brand, strength can not be ignored! Samsung UA55MUF30EJXXZ 55 inches Selling point: HDR UHD 4K Ultra HD Reference price: 4999 yuan Configuration: Powerful quad-core processor, HDR support, DTS audio decoding... As an international brand, Samsung’s TV manufacturing technology is still relatively advanced, and its quality is also superb. The picture quality is undoubtedly good. The only point that is not suitable for domestic use is because Samsung’s own system may not be able to install third parties. Application software is very limited in terms of content and function extensions. The above is a few of the short-listed and word-of-mouth 2017 smart TVs that are recommended by Xiao Bian. Will it not meet your appetite? Seeing that the state-owned brands are growing stronger outside the country, they are still extremely happy as Chinese people and support domestically-supported domestic products! TCL is getting bigger and stronger. If it is said that it is the top TOP1 smart TV brand, do you agree?

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