Hengda Fuji provides high-quality villa elevators for Mida Mansion upscale villas

The Dali Midu Mansion is located in Liujiaying, north of the Mei Chen Hotel in Midu County. The north of Mi Du City is the future development direction of Midu City. The government affairs, education, medical care, supermarkets, and leisure facilities provide ample facilities and convenient life. Hengda Fuji Elevator is a high-quality, high-end villa residential complex, equipped with more than 50 villa elevator products designed by human nature, which brings vertical traffic to the elite owners who live in the community. Midu Mansion has advanced concepts in planning and design, with diversion of people and vehicles, and a parking space ratio of 1.6:1. Allocation of Hengda Fuji's humanized villa elevators solves the problem of difficult stairs for elderly people and children in traditional villas. The courtyard design not only increases the sense of hierarchy of the courtyard, but also ensures the lighting of the basement, providing more leisure and entertainment space for home life, such as private cinemas, mahjong rooms, family halls, etc., and the underground space is cool in the summer, even if The hot weather in summer can also be enjoyed at home. In terms of house type design, Mida Residence is designed with four generations of family members as its blueprint, focusing on practicality and life habits of different generations. Many living rooms, multiple floors, multiple suites, and more room for gifts are the advantage of Mi Du Mansion. It seems that the space is fragmented. In fact, humanity is the ultimate. In addition, as regards building materials, Midu Mansion belongs to the framework of shear wall structure, so that there are few wall plaques and special-shaped walls in the home space, and the square is more practical. The octaviust-proof fortification is also the home security for the owners. The video intercom system directly communicates with the users from the community gates and builds high-end intelligent security communities with advanced security equipment. Midu Mansion is a local residential high-end residential community and provides a better home environment and neighbors for the high-end customers in the county. With high-quality product design, Midu Mansion is a typical high-end residential real estate project that attracts the attention of local people who have investment vision, economic strength, and high quality of life. Meng Mu chooses to live with her neighbors, become neighbors with good people, be neighbors, friends, and more likely future business partners. Hengda Fuji elevators can provide villa elevator products for the high-end people who live in the community. It is also a sublimation and accumulation of elevator products in the project, opening up a new market situation for the development of high-end residential projects in Southwest China.

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