Glory 17 Years Starter Glory Play 6A Unboxing Share

In late May 2017, Glory released a series of new youth products. The most memorable segment of the conference was the glory of President Zhao Ming who repeatedly tossed his mobile phone at the venue to show the audience the excellent quality of the mobile phone. The new high-end mobile phone is the protagonist of this article: Glory Play 6A, Huawei official store's price is from 799 yuan. The characteristics of falling resistance and low selling price reminded me of the word schoolchildren for the first time, because a friend had complained a few days ago that his son in primary school had broken his newly purchased mobile phone. Basically, the rhythm of each semester breaks (this is, of course, because my friend insisted on the phone once broken, this semester did not buy the control policy caused this data). . . After that, when I heard his complaint, I can recommend him 6A for glory. Haha. I had the privilege of getting the new Glory mobile phone for the first time. Then continue posting to share with everyone my impression of this phone. The packaging of Glory Play 6A is still based on the glory of the classic blue, and the front is simply printed with glory like 6A. The back of the box is the company's information and the environmental characteristics of the box. On the side of the box, it is affixed with specific product information. This glory-free 6A mobile phone is gold, 3GB of memory, and 32GB of storage space. All the products in the package are: a mobile phone, a 5V1A charger, a USB data cable, a card slot thimble, and a variety of paper documents such as manuals and warranty cards. Take out the glory play 6A, the body is sleek, feel light, well-proportioned, the cool feel of the back metal is very comfortable in the early summer days. With the advancement of mobile phone metal processing technology, the introduction of thousands of machine configuration metal casing, in the current highly competitive mobile phone market has to be equipped with the standard. But Glory's 6A metal back paint still makes me admire that this flexible sandblasting process and the color of the final paint surface appear on the previous 2K price flagship mobile phone will also allow manufacturers' advertisers to write special books. of. Glory Play 6A mobile phone front is a white base color. The middle screen is a 5.0-inch IPS touch screen that can display 16 million colors with a resolution of 1280*720 and a screen pixel density of PPI 294 for multi-touch support. The top of the screen from left to right are: front flash, mobile phone handset, and a 500-megapixel front camera to support beautiful skin, panoramic self-timer and other functions. Glory's English trademark "honor" is printed at the bottom of the screen. The front of the phone is covered with a layer of wear-resistant glass, but a white edging around the glass means that it is not a glass with a 2.5D overflow effect. Glory Play 6A is also equipped with a fingerprint identification device behind the fuselage, and the same size of the top camera design, so that the back of the fuselage looks symmetrical and concise. Glory Play 6A's main camera consists of a 13-megapixel BSI back-illuminated CMOS and a 28-mm wide-angle lens consisting of 5 lenses. Next to the camera is the corresponding flash. Looking at the screen of the mobile phone as a front, the right side of the 6A fuselage of glory plays traditionally with the volume and power buttons, and the power button surface also has a concave-convex carved handle, which is used to make the buttons with the volume keys smooth. the difference. According to the same convention, the left side of Glory Play 6A is a SIM card slot and supports 2 cards at the same time. Card slot 1 only supports Nano SIM card and slot 2 (outer card slot) supports Nano SIM and Micro SD (or Call TF card) Choose one or two. Glory Play 6A The middle of the bottom of the fuselage is the USB2.0 data line interface. The opening on the right side of the USB port is designed for the speaker output of the mobile phone. The opening on the left side is designed for hedging, and there should be a microphone behind. Empty the hole to accept the sound. Glory Play 6A The left side of the fuselage should be a noise reduction microphone microphone, and the right side is a 3.5mm standard headphone jack. Well, this is just the beginning of the 6A unboxing of glory. It gives me the feeling that it is a compact, applicable mobile phone. If you want to buy Huawei in the near future and glorify the handsets of such large manufacturers, and your budget is tight, you should first consider this model. I would like to know the experience of playing with 6A in glory. Please pay attention and click to see my next trial experience. Thank you for watching this article.

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