Liratone and Google reached an official partnership to launch new headphones

[PConline News] Beijing time On the morning of October 5th, 2017, when everyone was celebrating a small holiday, Google held a 2017 autumn conference in the United States and officially released new Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2XL and Pixelbook series. product. It is worth noting that Google Pixel 2 series phones have replaced the original Micro-USB interface with the new USB Type-C interface, canceled the 3.5mm headphone jack, and introduced new headphones such as Google Pixel Buds and audio brands such as LIbratone. Cooperative "Made for Google" project. The audio brand Libratone also confirmed this major cooperation by announcing the launch of new Q series headsets that are officially certified by Google: In-Ear noise canceling headphones and ear-mounted Bluetooth headsets that include the new USB Type-C interface. In fact, as early as last August, Libratone tailored the Lightning interface noise canceling headphones for Apple users. The USB Type-C interface headset created for Google can be seen as the Android version of Lightning headphones, which also means that Google Pixel is included. For more Android phones including 2, you can also use Libratone's high-quality noise canceling headphones. This time, the new Libratone Q series headphones also use the "CityMixTM" adjustable noise reduction technology pioneered by Libratone. Users can freely adjust the noise reduction level of headphones through different environments while delivering higher quality sound effects. Simon Bradley-Køedt, director of global marketing at Libratone, said, “Libratone is proud to be a partner of Google, and noise reduction headphones tailored for Google’s latest Pixel series will be a great encouragement and recognition for us. Last year, Libratone After releasing the Q series noise canceling headphones, with a simple Scandinavian design, innovative adjustable noise reduction technology, multi-touch interactive and other excellent experience, quickly gain recognition in the industry and the market, we are looking forward to Google users in their new generation of Pixel The Libratone Q Series' high-quality sound and adjustable noise reduction experience can also be experienced on the series." The Libratone Q series perfectly fits Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL and Pixelbook In the product exhibition area of ​​Google's conference site, two headsets tailored for Google by Libratone were also officially unveiled: The Q series Bluetooth headset became the first Bluetooth noise reduction to support Google's “Fast Pair” fast pairing function. headset. When you use the Bluetooth headset for the first time, it can be immediately found by a device equipped with a “Fast Pair” feature, and prompts you “Do you need to connect?” This eliminates the tedious operation of pairing from the “Bluetooth” menu. In addition, Q series Bluetooth headsets use Bluetooth +1 wireless connection, allowing two users to share music from the same device at the same time, and up to 20 hours of battery life can allow users to enjoy music. According to the ergonomic and lightweight balance design, Q series headphones softly fit the ears; the headset uses an innovative multi-touch technology that can accurately identify a variety of gesture commands, four levels of noise reduction, volume adjustment, music Features such as playback, incoming and outgoing calls, and palm overlay mute can be easily controlled through the touch interface; the built-in “EAR SENSOR” wears the detection sensor, intelligently senses the action of the user picking up/wearing headphones, and automatically pauses or replays music and CityMixTM drop noise. Libratone USB Type-C In-Ear Headphones adopt ergonomic anti-sweat design, allowing users to enjoy music freely while exercising outdoors; directly receive mobile phone power support via USB-C interface, Libratone USB Type-C interface in-ear headphones So get rid of the burden of the battery, noise reduction will not charge from now on, but also can use lighter and longer time. In addition, this USB-C interface in-ear earphone uses advanced microphone noise reduction technology to automatically eliminate environmental interference noise when answering calls, and also allows smooth conversation in a noisy environment. LIbratone's newly designed USB Type-C adjustable noise canceling headphones and Libratone Q series Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones with Fast Pair experience are now available on the Google Store and are available in black and white. Q-series USB-C in-ear headphones sold for 149 euros, and ear-mounted Bluetooth headsets sold for 249 euros. It is reported that China will also launch a new USB Type-C noise canceling headphones. In other words, both Apple users and Android users can find a headset that fits their needs at Libratone.

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