Plant-inspired software robots can extend like vines

According to foreign media reports, researchers recently designed a unique software robot that resembles a grapevine that can extend upwards and move the valve handle. The researchers said that this plant-inspired software robot uses "growth" as a form of exercise. Plants adapt their surroundings in a subtle way. They germinate, or sometimes through barriers such as bricks and wood; seedlings always grow toward the light source to better absorb nutrients. Now a group of scientists have been inspired to develop a "soft robot" that mimics the action of plants. According to a paper published in Science Robotics, the software robot can "extend from its tip to thousands of times its original length at a speed comparable to that of animals and robots." One of the authors of the study, Joey Davis Greer, said that "growth" is an unexplored method of navigation for robotics. He said that the simulation of plant movement has two purposes: First, its length can be increased to about 1000%, similar to a plant. Second, the software robot can easily move to the rescue area in difficult search conditions. The software robot is equipped with cameras and sensors that can move at 22 mph. It moves by pressure - as the robot is pressurized, its tip extrudes new material, so the robot is like growing. Greer said that the robot uses the pressure inside its body to increase the length of the object. Greer said that this type of robot has more exploration space, including adjusting its dimensions and materials, or how to turn. ?

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