Buy TV must read: smart TV and "ordinary TV + box" which is better?

I believe many people will have such a question: After all, what is good for buying smart TVs or buying a smart TV box to connect ordinary large-screen TVs at home? It also irritates many consumers. Xiao Bian through the following three factors for everyone to analyze what to buy better? First, from the price factor analysis The basic price of high-end boxes in TV boxes is controlled between 300-500, while the price of smart TVs generally costs 2000-3000. It is more cost-effective to increase the price of TV boxes above the TV box. And the functions of smart TVs, TV boxes can be achieved. Second, from the configuration factor analysis Many smart TV boxes are now subject to the limitations of the TV itself. Most of the costs are on the screen and the drive circuit. Most of the hardware platform settings will adopt a conservative design, and they will be stuck in less than a year or two. TV box companies will mostly adopt some radical hardware solutions to achieve more smooth and stable operation. And now the development of the television industry is very fast, and the performance may be far worse than the difference in performance in the first half of the year. Because of the price of the TV box, once the performance is behind, it can be replaced at any time, and if it is not used, it can be completely replaced. But smart TV is not the same, the original life expectancy has seven or eight years, you willing to change in a year or two after the performance of the case out of it? Third, from the operating system analysis Many smart television boxes receive policy factors. They cannot bring their own live broadcast software. They have poor compatibility with third-party live broadcast software, and some even cannot install third-party live broadcast software. This makes watching live broadcasts a headache. In addition, many advertisements, pre-installed software and more are common problems of many smart TVs. Relatively speaking, the TV box operating system has been optimized specifically to make it easier to use. Some television boxes do not even have advertisements. Judging from the above three factors, it is true that the TV box has a much greater competitive advantage. In succession, we will bring you several high-quality TV boxes for 2017. First, Tate box Research studies have shown that the main users of TV boxes are the family's wife, children, or elderly elders. Such users' ability to operate and receive digital products will be relatively weak. Too complicated operating systems are undoubtedly a great challenge to them. Tai Jie users have a good viewing experience, spent 7 years to conduct research and optimization, and greatly simplify the system interface and operating procedures, so that users can easily get started. Taijie also introduced a new webox mix that not only has simple operation but also supports voice interaction, and can also support four-party video calls, which is more suitable for family use. Taijie itself is a professional video origin brand, has rich experience and achievements in video technology, not only has six core technologies, but also do a lot of optimization and compatibility of popular video applications on the market, so watch video than other The box needs to be more fluid! The Tate box also often calls for businesses to focus on the user's video experience rather than attracting users with a mess of gimmicks, leading to complex and increasingly difficult-to-use box operations. Second, Skyworth box The Skyworth box A1C is small and cute, and its body is slightly larger than an adult's palm. The rounded corners of the mainstream design, plus a circle around the transition, the overall is very light. Third, Haimei Di Sea Meidi box, if the body is relatively large, is conducive to cooling the box. The interface is complete, with HDMI interface, network cable interface, power interface, and a set of component line interfaces (supporting dual-channel audio signal output). Smart TV/box information can focus on smart TV information network sofa butler (http://), China's influential TV box and smart TV website, providing information, communication, TV boxes, smart TVs, smart TV software, etc. Answering questions.

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