Intimate function, 4 smart TVs recommended for the elderly and children

“The older parents simply didn’t learn the complicated operation of some smart TVs. They wanted to find an old movie and even called for a son.” “Children who have been addicted to television have caused us to worry about his eyes. Besides cartoons, I don’t know what more meaningful programs are.” With respect to smart TVs, netizens often leave us messages expressing similar confusion: Some smart TVs are not "smart." 1. For the older generation of users, higher learning costs, coupled with unfriendly functional design, often make them confused. The smart TV that the children kindly bought back, because the inhumanity of the function eventually became a decoration. 2. For parents with children at home, how to reduce TV damage to children's eyes and how to find meaningful and rich children's video resources are very guilty! How do you choose a healthy, smart TV for the elderly and children in the smart TV market? We believe that a smart TV must have at least three basic attributes: convenient, user-friendly (for the elderly), rich video resources (to meet young people), and necessary eye protection technology (care for children's eyes). This is true value for money - especially rich in content resources, which is the most basic and most fundamental requirement for smart TVs. Tencent Video TV is currently the top-ranking OTT content operation platform in China, boasting the largest video resource database in the entire network, and boasting everything from TV dramas, movies, variety shows, sports, anime, and so on; VIP users also enjoy ad-free, 1080P image quality. , and thousands of extras such as high-definition broadcast movies and television, etc. - If a smart TV can be pre-installed on the basis of Tencent's video TV and gifted members, it also has some healthy and intimate functions (voice control, children's education, etc.). Practicality and sincerity are almost impeccable. The "Double 11" shopping carnival is coming soon, and the smart TV industry will have a big wave of promotional activities. Next, we will recommend several functional features for everyone, especially smart TVs for the elderly and children. 【Film and television, elderly only】: Changhong 65D3P integrates Tencent's video TV end, including all kinds of domestic and foreign film and television content (One-year Tencent Video TV end member is given as a purchase). There are film resources from Warner Bros., Paramount, Universal Pictures, Sony and other international first-line film companies, as well as overseas classic TV series, NBA events, and National Geographic documentaries; there are also a large number of variety shows and excellent home-made plays (for example, The hit "The Big Star", "The Ghost Blows the Light", etc.). In addition, Tencent's video TV end has also prepared a wealth of children's content and sports events for family scenarios. In short, more than 11,000 movies, 190,000 episodes of TV dramas, 180,000 episodes of anime drama series, 120,000 hours of variety shows, and massive variety shows and self-made dramas. One of the important reasons that the elderly do not catch cold on smart TVs is that the control of smart TVs is not as simple as that of old TVs. Pinyin or five-stroke input when searching movies is really too cumbersome. For some older people who do not have good pinyin, input Chinese characters. It is even more difficult; Changhong 65D3P built-in far-field voice control technology allows the elderly to find and play the video they want to see through the words, greatly reducing the cost of learning for the elderly. Eye protection, children's special: Skyworth 55S8 According to statistics, the number of myopia in China is close to 450 million, of which the primary school stage myopia rate has reached as high as 46%! The reason is that people's dependence on the screen is gradually increasing, and the blue light generated by the LCD screen is the main culprit for the eye. The panel material of Skyworth 55S8 is OLED. Thanks to the natural advantages of OLED panel, Skyworth 55S8 is not only more natural and deeper than LCD TVs, but also has less damage to human eyes due to spectrum, which can effectively avoid children's myopia caused by TV Blu-ray. . Skyworth 55S8 brings Tencent TV end to its content and a year of Tencent video TV end member for the purchase. In addition to a large number of high-quality movies, it also packs more than 180,000 episodes of children's anime content, which is suitable for children of different ages. [Early education, enlightenment only]: Cool open KX49 The Kuduk KX49 system incorporates a child-specific model, and the content comes with Tencent video TV, and the purchase of TV is a one-year Tencent video TV end member. With the profound accumulation of Tencent's video TV end in terms of content, the CoolOpen KX49 not only meets all kinds of film and television resources required by general users, but also has a built-in children's model in children's enlightenment and children's entertainment. More than 180,000 episodes Excellent children's animation program at home and abroad. Users can quickly find what they need based on the regions (Europe, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and China), their gender, content types (games, songs, puzzles, early childhood, English, math, etc.). There are not only excellent overseas animations such as “Pig Peggy” but also a large number of enlightenment and early education programs such as “Creative Workshop”. [Live, event-specific]: Thunderbird I55 Thunderbird I55 supports the whole ecological HDR (Dolby VisionHDR and HDR 10) and MEMC dynamic image quality compensation technology, has strong dynamic detail reduction ability for events, fast-paced video, and also supports artificial intelligence voice technology for the elderly, children's Higher operating friendliness. Content, Thunderbird I55 comes with Tencent video TV side, but also presented a year of Tencent video TV end members, users can watch free movies in the library of popular movies, solo show and other exciting paid content. It is worth mentioning that Thunderbird I55's excellent dynamic image quality is very suitable for watching the game, sports video, users can watch the latest NBA, football, tennis, football and other live, enjoy 1080P Blu-ray quality, on the verge of The feeling of playing in the field. Written at the end: After years of development and precipitation in the smart TV industry, user needs have been pursuing hardware performance from the beginning, gradually turning to content richness and user-friendliness. This is in fact a return to the nature of domestic consumption, Tencent video + intimate function This is the ideal solution for this demand; double eleven to buy TV, select the built-in Tencent video TV end right! Smart TV/box information can focus on smart TV information network sofa butler (http://), China's influential TV box and smart TV website, providing information, communication, TV boxes, smart TVs, smart TV software, etc. Answer questions!

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