Seamless docking! Why Sharp TV is called Xbox best carrier

For those who love games and animations, the 15th ChinaJoy, which was officially opened in Shanghai on July 27th, is a grand event that should not be missed. Today, ChinaJoy has become a pan-entertainment event with the Cologne game show and the E3 e-entertainment exhibition. Not only are major game companies coming to the scene, but in the show, hardware manufacturers can also be seen. As the traditional TV maker Sharp's first stage on the ChinaJoy stage, and with a combination of games and hardware, unparalleled strong quality, attracted the attention of many viewers. Working with Microsoft Xbox Reshaping Sharp's Younger Image From the player's point of view, Sharp's large-screen TV has far better effects than mobile phones and monitors. Choosing to cooperate with Microsoft, which has powerful gaming capabilities, the combination of the hardware of the two sides will make the game screen significantly improved. For Microsoft Xbox, Sharp TV's performance in image quality just meets the consumer's pursuit of high game quality such as 4K and HDR. Through the new huangcai technology, HDR technology, and wide color gamut technology available on TV, the quality of the game can be fully enhanced, with gorgeous colors, excellent contrast between light and shade, and smooth screen effects. This also allows us to further understand that television is the carrier of the big screen game in the future, rejuvenated and Sharp first stepped into the first step in the layout of the living room entertainment area with years of accumulated technical experience. For the "elderly generation" of people, Sharp from Japan is always the embodiment of high quality and high quality, but perhaps for the younger groups, Sharp's brand awareness is still insufficient. In this ChinaJoy, Sharp teamed with Microsoft Xbox to bring the big screen gaming experience to the ChinaJoy site. The Microsoft Xbox experience zone is located in the center of the Sharp booth and can be used for "Tekken 7" games. The hearty hitting experience has attracted audiences of all ages to "watch and watch." In the live demo zone, you can see many young faces manipulating the Xbox controller to play the game. Their expressions are concentrated and they are completely attracted to the pictures on the TV. In addition to working with Microsoft Xbox, Sharp can be seen in many venues on-site. The alliance with a number of game companies allowed young people to know or relearn Sharp's brand and increase the brand's breadth. While enhancing brand awareness, Sharp also needs deep-rooted influence. This time Sharp made a deep impression on game enthusiasts through its powerful game capabilities. 8K TV debut ChinaJoy Sharp shows the living room entertainment hard power Although the 4K penetration rate has been increasing year by year, the concept of 8K is still in its infancy. The 8K TV, which was debuted at Sharp's booth, actually attracted many people's attention. If the resolution of the TV picture, which has already been very clear, will increase again, it will inevitably cause a new "revolution" within the television industry. Sharp 8K television appeared before the public, this is the beginning of this technological innovation. It is understood that, compared to 4K, the resolution of 8K resolution is more than four times that of 4K, not only the details will be completely presented, the movements in the screen will be smoother, and the presence feeling will be greatly improved. This advantage is also very useful for game enthusiasts. Some people may wonder about this, wondering if Sharp TV is just trying to "show off." In fact, we are not far from the arrival of the 8K era. Progress in science and technology has never been stagnant, and technological change is the main theme of the television industry. What Sharp has done is to make the future a reality and accelerate the speed of 8K adoption. In the 2016 Olympics opening ceremony of the Rio de Janeiro, the 8K will generally enter the public view for the first time. In the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, 8K will be fully developed and applied. Faced with the trend of television innovation, Sharp took the lead in both hardware and software. On the hardware side, Sharp's 10.5-generation 8K panel factory, which was established by Foxconn, will soon be completed in Guangzhou. This also means that 8K TVs will soon be mass-produced. In terms of software, Sharp puts more effort on the research and development of 8K content in the upstream of the industrial chain. At the same time, it accelerates the popularization of 8K TV through both software and hardware. The future of 8K technology is promising, and it is also a great help for living room big screen entertainment. Compared to small screens such as monitors and mobile phones, TVs have innate qualities such as picture quality and color. The unique powerful image quality of 8K not only satisfies the demanding requirements of gaming enthusiasts, but also allows users to watch movies. , video interaction can also have a more comfortable experience. It can be said that if there is 8K technology blessing, TV products will attract more game enthusiasts, senior fans, sports fans back to the sofa, and Sharp 8K technology leader will undoubtedly be one of the most "fighting" brand. Create a new living room entertainment Sharp Sharp seize the opportunity Judging from the current situation, there is still a blank room in the living room entertainment market. Taking the data of large-screen games as an example, the consumption of large-screen games in China in 2016 was only RMB 500 million, which is very different from the game consumption between mobile and PC segments. In the end, who can share the biggest part of this sweet cake, the fundamentals still need the accumulation of quality. For large-screen games, only 8K can satisfy the tireless pursuit of increasingly discerning consumers. What Sharp is doing is vigorously promoting the maturity and market penetration of 8K technology. However, the game is not the end of the layout of Sharp TV in the field of large-screen entertainment, but it is just the beginning. What Sharp wants is to meet the diverse needs of consumers living in the living room. In the future, Sharp will also complete games, watching movies and more in the living room entertainment style, providing viewing, sports events and other content that requires an excellent picture quality experience, so that more users can enjoy a high-quality entertainment experience. Only when the experience is improved, the user will “pay for” the product. This is one of the reasons why Sharp promotes the popularization of 8K TV. Therefore, whether it is 8K technology debut in ChinaJoy, or in the stage of young people debut, Sharp is the key to the future of the blue ocean layout of the living room entertainment. Sharp, who enjoys the reputation of "Father of Liquid Crystal," has clearly won the Blue Ocean when he still has a large number of unknown possibilities. Smart TV/box information can focus on smart TV information network sofa butler (http://), China's influential TV box and smart TV website, providing information, communication, TV boxes, smart TVs, smart TV software, etc. Answering questions.

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