Dong Mingzhu has also made an electric car: he can't wait to solve the haze.

March 12 news, high-speed rail, mobile phones, air conditioners, clothing, which is China's gold business card? Dong Mingzhu, Yu Chengdong, and Li Ning, three Chinese manufacturers who understand consumers better? Why did Li Ning respond to Huawei's two mobile phones? In order to let the world fall in love with Chinese manufacturing, what efforts have the three entrepreneurs made over the years? Under the background of the structural reforms on the supply side, as the largest manufacturing country in the world today, how can we reverse the huge manufacturing body and achieve a leap? There is a persistent call for Dong Mingzhu as an electric car. From February 2016, Gree and Zhuhai Yinlong, which has core technologies for lithium batteries, began to appear in bundles. Although in November 2016, Gree’s plan to acquire Yinlong had not been approved by the general meeting of shareholders, Gree announced the termination of the acquisition. However, a month later, Dong Mingzhu announced that joint Wanda, Jingdong, and CIMC companies will jointly take stakes in Zhuhai Yinlong. In the face of constant questioning, why did Dong Mingzhu get so compelled that he must build an electric car on a desperate move? Miss Dong: I can't wait to solve the haze! Chen Weihong: The China Economic Survey is a survey that has the longest duration and the widest survey scope. Today, three entrepreneurs were also included in the survey. Excuse me, in 2017, what consumer spending do you think consumers will increase? The first choice of Dong is the car. I originally thought that she might choose the first. As a result, she discovered that she had chosen a car and was an area where consumers would increase their spending. Financial Writer Wu Xiaobo: Because this is her next area to enter. Chen Weihong: The person who knows you the most is sitting opposite you, not sitting next to you. Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric Co., Ltd.: Why did I put the car first? Everyone is now eager for the environment, especially the trouble that haze brings to us. We can't wait to solve it. Therefore, automobiles need a leap-forward transformation that can truly produce energy-saving, environmental protection, and resources that are not consumed. I put it in the first place. For the manufacturing industry, this is an important responsibility. It is no longer a simple consumer product. It has reached the social level and it concerns people's health. Chen Weihong: You have successfully used air-conditioning to let the world fall in love with China. Can we let the world fall in love with China again more through cars? Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric Co., Ltd.: We must take a path of independent innovation. To emerge from China, not only do consumers have such needs, the key is that I must control myself in the technology field. Only those who control technology, only those who can create new technologies themselves, then I think he has the right to speak. As of today, China is a big automobile manufacturing country, but which is our own? We are still following type. Dong Mingzhu: I will definitely do the best in electric cars! Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric Co., Ltd.: I used a particularly good imported electric car, but the battery is broken in two and a half years and it will be replaced. I promise here that we will be responsible for the 10 years battery we built. This is the point, I think I will win. So I think we have more confidence in the first place. The second one is that I think we must have the spirit of challenge and dare to face the needs of consumers. You have entered this threshold and want to be liked by consumers. I will definitely do the best for electric cars. up to date! Gree and Yinlong Chengcheng Business Partners: The “20 billion connected transactions” proposal passed by the shareholders’ meeting Gree Electric announced on the evening of March 8 that the company’s first extraordinary general meeting of shareholders in 2017 reviewed and passed the “Proposal on the Company and Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy Co., Ltd. Signing the <Cooperation Agreement> and Related Party Transactions”. Gree Electric previously disclosed an announcement that because the company's chairman and president, Ms. Dong Mingzhu, is a shareholder of Zhuhai Yinlong, according to the "Stock Listing Rules" of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, this transaction constitutes a related party transaction. When the board of directors examined the proposal, Dong Mingzhu, a related director, evaded voting. The meeting of shareholders was presided over by director Ye Zhixiong. Before the meeting, according to Jingdong's introduction, Dong Mingzhu was absent because of attending the National People's Congress. She hoped to meet according to her schedule but failed to do so. Although Dong Mingzhu was absent, shareholders who participated in the voting at the shareholders' meeting almost overwhelmingly voted in favor. The voting is as follows: It is understood that in February 21, Gree Electric announced that in order to cut into the new energy automotive industrial chain, energy storage and battery manufacturing equipment to create new growth points, the company plans to sign a bilateral cooperation agreement with Zhuhai Yinlong. On March 8, Gree Electric held an extraordinary general meeting as scheduled to discuss the motion. According to the agreement, in 2017, both parties expect the cooperation amount not to exceed 20 billion yuan, of which Gree expects to sell 19 billion yuan to Zhuhai Yinlong, and Zhuhai Yinlong expects to sell 1 billion yuan of new energy vehicles and energy storage systems to Gree. With the signing of this paper contract, Gree Electric, once the opponent of the “Zhuhai Yinlong acquisition”, has changed from the “opposition” role to the actual facilitator. In other words, Miss Dong can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

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