Hisense's detailed explanation of the development of LED international standards

"If there is no unified standard, it is more difficult for global color TV companies to carry out international marketing under the WTO framework. Domestic flat-panel TV companies must participate in the formulation of LED international standards and establish a new set of technological strengths that are close to the market and consumer demand. The rules of the game, in order to ensure the healthy development of this industry, we can also maintain a certain advantage." The Vice President of Hisense Group Guo Qingcun left a deep impression on the reporter.

Lead the development of LED international standards

At the end of May, Hisense participated in the International Electrotechnical Commission's standard setting for LCD TV LEDs in Seattle, USA. On June 2, the reporter of Huaxia Times arrived at the headquarters of Hisense Group. Guo Qing said in an interview with a firm statement to the reporter: "It can be confirmed that the LED backlight technology of Hisense TV has been at the forefront, and the Chinese color TV industry is here. In the first round of competition, the response to new technologies has even surpassed that of some foreign brands. China's LED LCD TVs have gained a leading position in the local market, instead of being at the same disadvantage as before, in the joint efforts of the Chinese color TV industry. The danger of being marginalized in this round of industrial restructuring is basically lifted."

Previously, in December 2009, at the annual meeting of the International Electrotechnical Commission held in Japan, Dr. Liu Weidong, the chief scientist of China Hisense, was selected to draft the international standard for LED LCD backlighting. At the same time, Liu Weidong will also lead the drafting of the general specification for backlight display with Korean experts. standard. These two specifications play a key role in the final development of the standard. Especially for Chinese brands to develop LED international market is of great significance.

Hao Yabin, deputy secretary-general of China Electronics Video Industry Association, told the reporter of China Times: "Hisense can undertake the drafting and formulation of international norms and standards, which not only reflects its strong strength in LED technology, but also shows that the global consumer electronics industry is The listening and attention of Chinese voices. First-class enterprises do standards, second-rate enterprises do technology, and third-rate enterprises do products."

According to Dr. Liu Weidong, as early as 2005, when he was still thinking about what Hisense’s display technology research and development should do, the idea of ​​the LED backlight development project was constantly clear in his mind. But the Hisense LED backlight project was almost started with suspicion and questioning. At that time, many of Hisense's supply panel manufacturers said that they could provide a prototype of the LED backlight module before the end of the year, which means that you can get it yourself. The view and judgment of Liu Weidong and his team members is: to master the module, the mastery of backlight technology is very important, especially the LED backlight technology currently being developed internationally. LED backlight technology has outstanding features such as energy saving, environmental protection and high image quality. It is a revolutionary technology and the core of the next generation of liquid crystal technology. We must master it, otherwise it will inevitably suffer from intellectual property rights.

LED has become the mainstream of market growth

From the perspective of the global market, LCD TV shipments in 2004 were less than 10 million units. In 2008, it has grown to 100 million units and reached 145 million units in 2009. CRT TVs have been around for half a century, but they have been overtaken by LCD TVs in less than five years. In 2009, with the increasingly mature LED backlight technology, Chinese and foreign brands have comprehensively focused their market on LED TV products.

According to DisplaySearch's forecast data, in 2010, global LED LCD TV sales will reach 32 million units, accounting for about 20% of all LCD TVs. By 2015, LED panel shipment penetration will reach 78%. The industry experts predict that the Chinese market is expected to exceed 7 million LED TVs in 2010, at least 30% of the entire tablet market.

During the May Day period, the LED market has seen a blowout. Statistics show that from April 26 to May 2 this week, a total of 71,756 LED TVs were sold, an increase of 340% from the previous month and an increase of 5800% from the same period last year.

Throughout the global TV market, five Japanese and Korean manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic and Sharp, have absolute market power with nearly 60% market share, while Chinese color TV brands represented by Hisense, TCL and Skyworth are always Sales have also accounted for 22% of the global market.

In 2010, in the "Global TV Brand Top 20" list released by CES Consumer Electronics Show in the United States, Hisense entered the top 5 of the global TV industry with more than 5% of global market share and nearly 18% of China's market share. TCL, Skyworth And other domestic brands are among the top ten.

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