Wu Zongxian and Al Luminous enter the LED industry

Wu Zongxian, a Taiwanese artist, recently appeared in Beijing and officially announced that he will enter the mainland market and fully devote himself to the lighting business of Al Luminescent Technology Co., Ltd., which uses LED lighting as its main product.

Wu Zongxian said that he is very optimistic about the future development of LED lights, and hopes that he can do his part for the global environmental protection cause. "Now the energy shortage problem is getting more and more serious, and the issue of environmental protection is increasingly highly valued. LED lighting source is the product of such an era. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. In many places where daily lighting is needed, we have already I can see it.” When talking about the career that will be carried out after exiting the entertainment circle, Wu Zongxian is full of ambition: “I invested in the research and development of the LED lamp industry in Taiwan as early as 3 years ago. Currently, I have my own factory in the Neihu Science and Technology Park. Some products have been researched and developed, applied for relevant patents, and in 2008, the official establishment of Al-Eye Technology in Taipei City entered the field."

Wu Zongxian said that the sales of Alectronics in mainland China is under the responsibility of its partner, Zhongmao Holding Co., Ltd., and the two sides will cooperate to build factories in the mainland. Lin Hui, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zhongmao Holding Co., Ltd. believes that based on his own experience in operating in various fields and industries, he is very optimistic about the field invested by Wu Zongxian.

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