Huitian rubber industry: small industry, big market; small company, big prospect

Debon Securities: Li Xiangfeng 2010-05-24 Rating category Buy EPS forecast 2010 2011 2012 growth 10-11 years 11-12 rating change for the first time 32.77% 37.34% Reporting date yesterday closing price: 47.65 Target price: 52 Upside: 9.13% Value rating Target price is 52 yuan / share, buy (first rating) Investment points:
The downstream demand of the adhesive industry in which the company is located has grown rapidly. Downstream cars are growing steadily, wind energy,
Solar energy, LED packaging and high-speed rail construction have maintained double-digit growth, and the market space is huge. The high-end adhesive manufacturers in the adhesives are oligopolistic. The main competitors are Henkel and Dow Corning, and the competition is relatively mild. At present, the demand for organic silica gel for solar energy in the company exceeds expectations, and the order for high-iron polyurethane rubber is 1,500 tons.
The company has strong advantages in front-end R&D and back-end marketing. The company's business nature has the typical characteristics of “two big, medium small”. The front-end of R&D and product marketing of adhesive formulation plays an important role. The intermediate production process is relatively simple. The company has a very strong foundation at both ends. It is used to build the expansion of Shanghai R&D center and marketing network, laying a leading position in the country and occupying the share of foreign-funded enterprises. The intermediate production chain company is currently at full capacity, the plant construction and machine installation are relatively simple, and the investment project is not put into production on time.
Company management development strategy view details


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