Jingdian's revenue reached a new high, and its performance in April is still optimistic

The demand for LED backlights for LCD TVs is good. Jingdian (2448)'s revenue in March reached NT$1,462 million, a record high. The total revenue of Q1 in 20140 has reached 4.03 billion yuan, a considerable growth.

In addition, Jingdian has established a stable foothold in the supply chain of Korean, Chinese mainland and Taiwanese customers. Order visibility can reach one quarter, and Q2 performance is still optimistic.

The company said that the utilization rate of blue LED LEDs continues to be fully loaded and continues to be supplied to customers. At the same time, the utilization rate of red LEDs has a chance to rebound in Q2. The gross profit margin of crystal blue light falls below 3 cents.

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