Lumens infinitely designed high-efficiency LED spotlights

On June 27th, the recent lumens LED lighting design studio completed the design of high-efficiency LED spotlights. This spotlight uses an environmentally-friendly aluminum alloy heat sink and a unique heat sink design to quickly dissipate heat through air convection. With high-grade crystal glass optical lens, the light distribution is more uniform. The chip uses Cree's high-power chips, and its life and reliability are greatly improved.

High-efficiency LED spotlights designed by lumens infinite LED lighting studio

According to the person in charge of the studio, this 3W spotlight can replace the 20W incandescent lamp, and the energy saving effect is remarkable, which is higher than the average level of spotlights on the market. The LED spotlight has a small volume and is electrostatically sprayed on the surface, which is convenient to install and has a large adjustment range of the projection angle.

Due to its unique thermal design, the lamp can last for 40,000 hours, exceeding ENERGY STAR and relevant domestic standards.

Lumen Unlimited LED Lighting Design Studio is the first LED lighting design organization in China, with more than 10 senior engineers with many years of practical experience in the industry. The studio's areas of expertise include optical design, circuit design, thermal design, structural design, and design. For domestic enterprises, LED small spotlights, LED commercial lighting, LED downlights, LED ceiling lights, LED downlights, LED fluorescent tubes, LED PAR lights, LED bulbs, LED high power wall lights, LED lights, LED chandeliers, Outsourcing design services for LED wall washers, LED floodlights, LED street lights, LED tunnel lights, LED garden lights, etc.

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