The old printing plant's intelligent turning and creating a garden attracts 21 robot companies to settle in.

: In Yizhuang Rongchang East Street, we can see that there are two buildings standing side by side on the roadside. One of the signs set up above the building is the LOGO of the Beiren Group, and the other is also creating a robot innovation park. The former has a special identity - the permanent site of the World Robot Conference. On this land, Beiren, a traditional printing machine manufacturer, has made efforts to create smart products by “concrete transformation and upgrading” and has started a “robot mobilization” in high-precision industries. The entire Yi Chuang Yuan also attracts more and more robot companies to settle in. At present, 21 companies in the field of robotics, such as Baihui Wellcome, have signed up and settled in Yichuangyuan Park. Old idle plant Robot Park Beiren used to be a leading company in China's printing industry. During the peak period, it had more than 1,000 production and processing equipment and nearly 2,000 R&D and manufacturing teams, and had the capacity to produce more than 1,000 sets of printing equipment. However, during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the printer market developed slowly. The Beiren actively readjusted its strategic orientation in the review of the situation. The Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone vigorously promoted the intelligent manufacturing industry and developed a vision for the transition to robotics and smart manufacturing. . The efforts of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone to intensify innovation and promote the construction of the "Made in China 2025 Demonstration Zone" has opened up the minds for the Beiren, guided and supported the Beiren Group in easing the equipment manufacturing, idling idle land resources, and building a permanent site for the World Robot Conference. Zhang Peiwu, chairman of the Beiren Group, told the reporter, “The Beiren are old companies, and the transformation and upgrade is a 'combination boxing'. They must stand on the strategic point of view of national development, enter the strategic emerging industries that the country encourages development, and create a robot industry innovation. With the strong support of the development zone, the Northers have spent a lot of energy and have made great determination to actively implement the comprehensive deepening reform program of “leaning the main business, reducing losses and increasing efficiency, integrating resources, and transforming and upgrading”. The three major battles of "technology-driven," "business development," and "resources-invigorating" were launched, and they were transformed and upgraded in the three directions of digital printers, smart manufacturing, technology, and cultural industries. The Beiren cut down the old production capacity that was eliminated by the times, shut down 10 loss-making business units, streamlined more than 1,000 employees, disposed of hundreds of large-scale equipment, and more than 1,000 machining equipment. The remaining technicians were transformed into research institutes. Professionals have also made some transitions to do robot exhibitions, test platforms, system integration, and other related work. They have also used 160,000 square meters of land to make room for idle housing resources and built permanent sites including the World Robot Conference. Create a smart robot innovation park (also known as "also create a garden"). The park is mainly for standardized production houses, research and development office buildings, international standard conference centers and exhibition centers, and related comprehensive facilities. The original printing production line has been transformed into a science and technology exhibition center with international standards, complete functions, and a construction area of ​​87,000 square meters. The old columns, the high-rise building of more than ten meters are integrated with advanced multimedia equipment and modern architectural design. Together, we welcome experts and companies from the world of robotics. In October 2016, coincidentally with Golden Autumn, the World Robotics Conference was opened at the well-built site of the Beiren. The five-day exhibition attracted more than 150 well-known Chinese and foreign companies to participate in the exhibition, highlighting innovations such as industrial robots, special robots, and service robots. The results, a total of 22.8 million people visited the Expo and various competitions. In September of this year, the Second World Robot Conference will be held as scheduled and it is expected that the scale will exceed last year. 9 platform build "Chinese version of Hanover" Zhang Peiwu told reporters that from the perspective of the robot industry, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland are among the top echelons in the world. China's robotics industry is in the second tier, and some core components and high-end system integration are still controlled by foreign countries. Now, the state attaches great importance to intelligent manufacturing and it is necessary to make breakthroughs in key parts and components of robots. The robot industry is currently faced with problems such as fragmentation and fragmentation. If you want long-term development, you need technology-driven, market-driven, and capital-driven. At present, the robotics industry is in a rapid growth period. All three are necessary. The construction of Yi Chuang Yuan will enable the organic integration of technology, capital, and market, creating a comprehensive system to build the basic system of the robot industry. Yichuang Park has two major development goals. First, it has become a trend indicator for the development of robots in China. It has become a high-end, high-efficiency, high-radiation intelligent robot innovation center with global influence. Second, it has become a model for transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industries. Industrial stock land use Demonstrations and demonstrations of the National Green and Low Carbon Development Park. Focusing on these two goals, the park has gradually established nine platforms, including R&D, experimental testing, training, display, trading, investment and financing, industrial cooperation, creating space, and operational management. Through the establishment of the Yichuang Intelligent Robot Research Institute, we will gather robotic innovation resources to create an innovative R&D center for robots and a theoretical height for robotics. By building a “permanent site for the World Robot Conference”, we will create a platform for robot trade shows with international influence. At present, the project “Implementing the Innovation Park of Intelligent Robots and Robot System Integration” has been listed as the key “high-precision” project of the State-owned Economy “13th Five-Year” Development Plan of the State-owned Enterprise of the People's Republic of China, “The permanent site of the World Robot Conference. "The project is also a key development support project of the Beijing Jingxin Committee in 2016. Beijing Yichuang Intelligent Robot Industry Research Institute has completed the company registration in March 2016 and has appointed Professor Jia Peifa, who has served as the head of the National 863 Intelligent Robot Thematic Expert Group, as the Dean. “Beiren also created a feature incubator for the intelligent robot industry” has been included in the Zhongguancun Modern Service SME Startup Incubator and Manor Pilot Project, and the Beiren Chuangchuang Fund, which is in line with the incubation project, has also been listed. Now the Beiren have transformed from the traditional machinery manufacturing industry to the convention and exhibition service industry and intelligent robot technology service industry with the theme of the permanent site of the World Robot Conference. Changed the traditional “manufacturing-based industrial logic as the core and technology-based” traditional manufacturing value chain in the past, and upgraded it into an “industry-to-show-integration-integration-innovation-element, and promote innovation with modern service industry” Path to create a new intelligent industry innovation value chain. More than half a century ago, Hannover, the German industrial city, emerged from the industrial fair and gradually became the vane of global industrial technology. Beiren will continue to organize the World Robot Conference as an opportunity to move forward with the goal of creating "Hanover, China." Yizhuang Development Zone Economy High growth for three consecutive years The practice of renovating the permanent site of the Beiren existing plant construction world robots conference and upgrading and building the intelligent robot industry gathering base is only an innovative thinking of Beijing Yizhuang to create a “precision” chopper. In recent years, Yizhuang Development Zone has been implementing the “Made in China 2025” and national strategic emerging industries development plans to encourage enterprises to adopt technological innovations and product upgrades to constantly seize the market with new products and new technologies. At the same time, Yizhuang Development Zone has improved the investment and financing system from angels, venture capital, venture capital, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, and compensation guarantees, providing support for “precision” industries in terms of funds and policies, and also focusing on “leading new The three major tasks of normality, construction of high-grade precision, and service to Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei are based on supply-side structural reforms, aiming at the “cabbage heart” and making full use of innovative elements. So far, Beijing's economic development in Yizhuang has achieved high levels of contrarian growth for three consecutive years. In 2016, it is estimated that the regional GDP will reach 117 billion yuan, an increase of 8%, and the major benefit indicators such as regional land investment and output intensity will all rank among the top of the nation's development zones.

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