Haimeidi Q5 four-generation beautiful picture quality support full channel 10bit video processing

For audiophiles, the quality requirements and details of the pursuit of video is a long-term task, but also an interest. The enjoyment of visual senses is not only satisfied by the simple high-definition Blu-ray, but also requires more vivid colors and sharper contrasts, resulting in a superior viewing experience. The emergence of 10bit video has further improved the picture quality. However, most of the 10bit videos now rely on software solutions. The software is prone to unstable situations in the decoding process, such as flashback or black screen, which makes enthusiasts very distressed. But now, as long as you have a Haimeidi Q5 fourth-generation network set-top box, you can easily solve most of the 10-bit video, the original details will be presented, greatly reducing the conversion process, the lack of color and format errors and other issues.

Haimeidi Q5 four generations equipped with Hass Hi3798C V200 chip, supports full-channel 10bit video processing, support color number up to 1.07 billion color, compared to the ordinary 8bit video 16.7 million colors, increased by 60 times, to solve the problem of image chromatography faults , make the image color transition more natural and realistic.

You may say that TV screens now support up to 8 bits, and are generally still in the 6-bit to 8-bit range. It is not meaningful to perform a 10-bit hard solution on a TV box. This kind of thinking is one-sided. In fact, it can be a great breakthrough to support hard-to-interpret 10bit on the device. Now that Sony has launched a new TV with HDR technology, enjoying 10bit video is no longer a problem. In addition, 10bit relative to 8bit can greatly improve the compression efficiency on the premise of maintaining high image quality. The 10bit suppression is mainly to improve the encoding accuracy, so that higher loss value can be used when lossy compression is performed, and at the same time, the quantification value is kept very good. The quality can then be restored to a better picture at a lower code rate than 8-bit compression. 10bit can have higher efficiency in lossy coding with higher precision redundancy. Specifically, the main advantages of the image quality are: first, to prevent banding (color ribbons in the transition area) from being generated; secondly, to enhance the dark field effect; thirdly, to better accommodate noise and these are just 8 bit suppression Hard to deal with. Especially for animations, banding is a troublesome thing. The dark field is a very easy part of the allocation of the code rate, and it causes the deterioration of the picture. Noise is a very high bit rate. All these difficult things under 10bit have become easy to deal with.

The forthcoming Haimeidi Q5 fourth generation, in addition to supporting 10bit video processing, also supports HDR and 4K, 4K+HDR is the mainstream of the future sofa butler, the resolution is 4 times that of full HD TV, fine texture is a complete picture. HDR is essentially an extremely wide high dynamic range image, providing more dynamic range and image details than ordinary images, bringing a dynamic range closer to the human eye. Although the encoding of ordinary video is currently 8bit, 10bit is now becoming popular. With the Haimeidi Q5 fourth-generation network set-top box, we are the first to experience the ultimate exquisite visual feast.

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