High Quality SMT Battery Holder

Model NO.: CR1220 battery holder
Metal material battery holder for different modle, such as CR2032, CR1220, CR2450, etc!
1. Type: Horizontal, Vertical

2. RoHS compliant

3. Phosphor Bronze material

4. Nickel plating on the surface

6. Package: plastic bag, box, reel & tape available

Battery holder can be customized as per customer's different requirement!

High Quality SMT Battery Holder
High Quality SMT Battery Holder
High Quality SMT Battery Holder
suplier Kingbolai battery industrial co.,ltd.
Our customers Maxell , Coles, Kodak ,LG ,Phillipe
Shelf life of this battery 5 years
Certificate CE/SGS
Shipping Details It will only need 3-4 days to send samples .Max production will need 25 days after samples approval
Payment Details We accept PayPal as the mode of sample payment. We also accept postal orders and bank transfer. Contact us for further details.
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