Zhejiang Sunshine won the bid for national high-efficiency lighting product promotion project

Zhejiang Sunshine announced today that the bidding work for the 2010 “Efficient Lighting Product Promotion Project” jointly commissioned by China National Electronics Import and Export Corporation by the Department of Economic Construction of the Ministry of Finance and the Department of Resource Conservation and Environmental Protection of the National Development and Reform Commission officially announced the results of the finalists. In the first place of the comprehensive score, 7 packages were won, and the remaining two packages were ranked second and third respectively. According to the company, this is the third year of bidding since the launch of the national “Efficient Lighting Product Promotion Project”. The company has achieved the “three consecutive championships” for the “Efficient Lighting Product Promotion Project”. In the promotion of the previous two years, Zhejiang Sunshine actually promoted the number of actual promotion, which produced good social and economic benefits, promoted the construction and improvement of the company's domestic sales network, and further strengthened the market influence of Sunshine brand. .
According to relevant personages of the company, the LED lighting and decoration products produced by Zhejiang Sunshine won the bid at the Shanghai World Expo. The Puxi Expo shaft uses the company's metal halide floodlights and LED wall washers; the flame lamps used by the Huangpu River and the Expo civilization The gold halide spotlights, ceiling spotlights, Garden Lights, street lights, etc. used in the pavilion, the Expo Museum and the Expo Jiangnan Square all use the LED lighting fixtures and energy-saving lamps of Zhejiang Sunshine.

Outdoor Lighting can beautify the urban environment and improve the overall image of the city mainly by utilizing the light. Its lighting design and installation are conducted through the combination with the surrounding buildings and landscape, so as to achieve the unity of its function and artistry.
It includes LED Wall Washer Light, Led projecting light and Led pointolite, etc., which are mainly used in outdoor decorations and advertising lighting in parks, squares, commercial properties, hotels, exterior walls of buildings, garden trees, ancient buildings etc.,Outdoor lighting is beautiful and varied in its style, and highly decorative. Its has many advantages such as good lighting area and illumination, concentrated light source, uniform illumination, small glare, easy to control and maintenance.

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