LED packaging Taiwan factory orders have good visibility, April revenue received attention

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LED downstream packaging Taiwan factory's revenue performance is bright, Yiguang (2393) April revenue has the opportunity to break through 1.5 billion Taiwan dollars, Dongbei (2499) Q2 single-month revenue, rising monthly by 100 million units , Hong Qi (6168) April revenue is also expected to hit a new high.

The visibility of Everlight's orders has reached five weeks, and the market expects the company's April revenue to have a chance to challenge NT$1.5 billion. The company's helmsman, Ye Yufu, also pointed out that Yiguang's upcoming Q1 financial report for 2010 is better than Q4 in 2009. It is expected that Q2, Q3 and Q4 will increase from revenue to gross profit margin to quarterly.

In addition, Dongbei's March revenue has exceeded 500 million yuan, also hit a new high. The company believes that LED backlight orders from Korean and Chinese manufacturers will increase, Q2 is the peak season for backlights, and the Q2 revenue growth rate is expected to be 50%. It is estimated that the revenue in April is expected to exceed NT$600 million. . However, in the face of the market out of the problem of chip out of stock, the company's chairman Wu Qinghui pointed out that there is no shortage of Dongbei LED chip sources.

LED packaging Taiwan factory Hongqi began to cut into the LED backlight TV supply chain in 2010. With the orders of new Korean customers and mainland TV brand factories, the revenue is expected to grow from April to April.
Related stock price 2010/04/22 - 11:30 East Bay TWD 64.10 (+2.07%) Billion Light TWD 100.50 (+0.60%) Hong Qi TWD 38.90 (+2.64%)

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